The Philosophy Collection, Marcus Aurelius
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The Philosophy Collection
Meditations; Beyond Good and Evil; The Art of War; The Republic; & More

Unabridged: 101 hr 44 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: SNR Audio

Published: 02/22/2024


This collection, read by Audie award-winning narrators, includes unabridged recordings of 11 of the most renowned, widely-read, and essential philosophical works from Ancient Greece and Asia to 19th century America, including:Meditations, by Marcus AureliusThe Book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto MusashiSelf Reliance, by Ralph Waldo EmersonBeyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich NietzscheFear and Trembling, by Soren KierkegaardThe Art of War, by Sun TzuThe Enchiridion & Discourses, by EpictetusThe Analects of Confucius, by ConfuciusThe Republic, by PlatoOn the Nature of Things, by LucretiusLetters from a Stoic, by Seneca?This audiobook is fully indexed. Once downloaded, each book and chapter will be listed so you can easily navigate to the individual section.