Why AudiobooksNow

AudiobooksNow Club Plan
Total: $33.96
($28.97 + $4.99)
AudiobooksNow NO Plan
Total: $40.57
Other Audiobook Services Plan
Total: $44.85

With AudiobooksNow you save on every audiobook you purchase. We do not use gimmicky credits to hide the true costs. Whether you want to save big through our Club Pricing Plan or simply purchase at our everyday low prices. We offer one of the largest selections of audiobooks anywhere. You can download or stream your audiobooks through our website or free apps, and all our apps include in-app purchasing.

Ways to Enjoy Audiobooks:

Anytime, Anywhere

There are many great ways to enjoy audiobooks. Whether you're working out, on a road trip or long commute, or simply doing chores around the house, audiobooks are the perfect way to enjoy great books anytime, anywhere.

Be More Productive

Narrators make a story come alive and allow you to enjoy books in a whole new way. Audiobooks also allow you to be more productive by doing other things while you listen. Download audiobooks to your smartphone or tablet.

Vision Impairments

If you have a vision impairment or can no longer see as well as you used to, audiobooks are the answer. You can always enjoy a great book, whether you're lying on a beach with your eye closed or sitting in the dark.