Darkest Hour: How Churchill Brought England Back from the BrinkIt has been said of Winston Churchill, “He was speaking to the nation, the world, and indeed to history……..Author, Anthony McCarten, has written a very descriptive non-fiction novel, The Theory of Everything, about Winston Churchill, the man, the politician, and the Prime Minster of Great Britain. He faced many daunting and stressful moments during the Nazi terrorism in Europe. His main goal was to make sure that Great Britain retained its sovereignty, even secretly giving a passing thought that a peace treaty with the Nazis Regime might have to be a consideration.

Many of our oldest citizenry can remember as children, their families huddled around a radio which had a very weak signal, causing it to sound like a scratched record. They were waiting on the next speech from either our President or Winston Churchill as to what was happening in the war. Churchill was known for his inspiring speeches. Those speeches were not in any way impromptu, but instead were rehearsed and revised as needed before being given publicly. One reader said that one speech made them.want to sign up for a war that happened even before their parents were born. Churchill was most definitely a great motivator when it came to his speeches.

We tend to place such people as Churchill on a pedestal, thinking they do everything with perfection, but McCarten’s novel shows the human side of such a leader, the side that we all have of human vulnerability. The vulnerability of a man on whose shoulders rested the fate of the world during the spring weeks of 1940. He, like every other human being, wrestled with self-doubt, actual failures, and the baggage given to him from a distant and judgmental father.
The Theory of Everything is considered by most reviewers to be a very interesting and worthwhile read about Churchill, World War II and just in speech writing in general. The book is slated to become a movie starring Gary Oldman.

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Unconditional Love….”Noelle”, by Greg Kincaid

by Emily Roberts on December 2, 2017

NoelleAs a New York Times bestselling author, Greg Kincaid has presented himself as a lover of dogs (and cats), a believer in the human spirit, and a strong affection for the family unit. His previous books in the series, A Dog Named Christmas, and A Christmas Home, follow the everyday life and passion for dogs that the main characters in the books possess. The McCray family from a small town in Kansas give Kincaid’s books their personality and authentic feel.

The newest in the series, Noelle, is more about the McCray son, Todd, who was described in previous stories as having some sort of mental challenge, but was never mentioned again. Now, this new book finds Todd coming back home to be one of the directors of a newly formed animal rescue group. Of course, Todd cannot resist a newly found homeless dog who survived in a ditch, even when its companion dog did not. Todd names the new adoptee, Elle. She does not fit the expectation of a perfect dog, but that may be a good reason for Todd to adopt her. Elle knows how to make the most of her experiences with people by showing them unconditional love.

There are many stories packed into one book with Noelle. There is the story of Todd and his girlfriend, Laura, the continuing story of Todd’s mother, Mary Ann, and the story of Abby and Link’s dissolving marriage. One reviewer commented that each story could be a book of its own.

Greg Kincaid’s books are filled with stories and characters that all ring true to the spirit of the Christmas season. They are books for dog or animal lovers, those who are lovers of all things Christmas, or anyone who enjoys excellent, solid family stories written in “simple, everyday prose, the warm, somewhat mushy, and equivalent of a Hallmark movie”.

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SoarIn this inspirational book, author T. D. Jakes gives anyone who has an interest in being an entrepreneur, the basic skills to build upon that basic interest. Many begin their adult careers in jobs that they are not really happy with, but are too afraid to take the chance on going after their real interests. T. D. Jakes gives practical advice with a touch of inspirational life coach advice thrown in for good measure.

SOAR! combines the corporate mentality and the self-fulfilling drive of the non-profits into the creation of a flight plan for capturing that drive that we all have inside us. The subtitle of Build Your Vision from the Ground Up, pretty much says it all. The book works best for those who already have a vision or an idea that they would like to pursue. It is not an instruction of how to determine those visions or ideas.

As quoted by T. D. Jakes…….you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to think like one and take flight with your dreams.

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I'm Fine...And Other LiesYou expect a book by Whitney Cummings, stand-up comic, actor and creator/co-creator of two network sitcoms, including the long-running “Two Broke Girls” would be funny. What you wouldn’t expect is that her memoir “I’m Fine … And Other Lies” would be such a frank, deeply moving account of her experiences with codependence, eating disorders, abortion, consent, fertility as well as many others.

“I feel I had dealt with a lot of my codependence in my personal life and professional life but it still was rearing its ugly head in other ways,” she told me. “Codependence is like a game of whack-a-mole. You think you’ve dealt with one part, another part pops up.”

“I so badly wanted everything to be easy that I ignored reality,” she continued. “The same mentality can be, ‘Oh, this guy will change. He’s done this with every other woman but if I just love him enough, he’ll change.’ Or, ‘My boss yells at me every day but if I just dress a certain way or get this brief in on time, she’ll stop.’ These things that we tell ourselves to self-soothe but ultimately end up putting us in dangerous situations, for me is a slippery slope.”

The theme of her book mimics her comedic style. There will be honesty and humor enough for any “2 Broke Girl” fan.

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Killing EnglandIt has become a very popular series of books from authors, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, and the latest, Killing England, is considered by some to be the best yet. Some readers say that this book about the Revolutionary War, told through the eyes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and King George III, is a true chronicle of America’s battles to become independent of England. A protest resulted in a world war that would bring many casualties and create complete chaos.

It has always been a horrendous thought of how savage the combat in such a war must have been. Fighting face to face, hand to hand until death is the true brutality of such a war. The authors give realistic accounts of some of the iconic battles such as Yorktown, Bunker Hill, Saratoga, and Long Island. The real characters come to life as they are either brave Americans or known traitors. The book demonstrates how people who really want their lives bettered can accomplish the impossible.

Some readers may get a better idea of the roots of American Democracy, and why so many are so angrily defending the National Anthem and Flag. Killing England reinforces the ideas that we owe our forefathers the respect for all they endured to create our independent country. Being a former history teacher, O’Reilly is adept in presenting the subject with historical accuracy. Not only is the book narrative given from the American leaders, but also from the points of view of the English Monarchy, and even explains French society at the time of the war. In the words of one reader……..it is both an amazing and very instructional read.

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HauntedIn this latest edition of the Detective Michael Bennett saga, James Patterson, in collaboration with James O. Born, presents a very satisfying, yet disturbing, novel following one of New York City’s premier investigators. Michael Bennett and his family have planned a much needed get away, and what better place than a small town in the heart of Maine. Bennett had been pushed to his limits by a series of several crisis situations, so a vacation seemed like a perfect remedy.

Once the Bennett family gets settled in for their hard earned vacation, almost immediately Michael was approached by the local authorities, asking if he could help them stop an evil perpetrator from destroying their population of children. The challenge for this street-wise investigator is that the existing evil in the town is like a ghost…….not easily found……or it might be next door. Once Detective Bennett gets involved in the case, the evil not only threatens law enforcement, the towns people, but also Bennett’s own beloved family.

A young “earthy” girl who has nobody to support her ends up being a partner, of sorts, in the solving of this mystery. The girl is haunted by what she knows, and it is a race against time before others will be statistics. What seemed like the idyllic small town in which to decompress became anything but for the Bennett family.

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DunkirkFor anyone who is already fearful of clowns, author, Stephen King’s novel, It, will be a true reading and watching nightmare. King has an amazing talent for bringing out the very worst (or the best depending how you look at it) in his maniacal, extremely clever, wicked main characters. Such is the character in It, who is Pennywise, the evil clown, who can morph himself to fit his victims thoughts. Quite a nightmare for those who try to stop him.

The place is Derry, Maine, which seems to have a deep, dark hold on author King. Back in the day, there were seven teenagers who survived the attack of children by something that came up from the sewer to hideously murder children. It picked on those who had various types of negativity in their lives. The seven teens had abusive or ill- caring parents, poverty, illness, ethnicity, a stutter, obesity, and chronic short-sightedness. As adults, they vowed to return to their hometown to confront the evil without a name…….It.

The newer movies by screenwriter Gary Dauberman and Muschietti, splits the book into two parts. This gives more detail ad attention to the teenagers, then the same in adulthood. The movie works well because it takes time with the kids, showing their comradeship as much as their fears. It is recommended to read and watch Stephen King’s It in a well-lit environment.

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Jack & JillJack and Jill, another in the Alex Cross series of detective mysteries by American author, James Patterson, is another nail biting novel depicting a complex search to find the perpetrators of various murders in the Washington, DC area. The most disturbing of them being the murder of a child……not even children are safe.

A Senator is found murdered and then, the unthinkable, a little girl is found murdered ad left in front of the elementary school where Alex Cross’s son attends. As Cross is feverishly trying to connect the dots to the murders, the killer, or killers, strike again. It seems that only Alex Cross has the skills to expose the killer, but will he figure it out in time?

In this, the author’s third novel about police detective and psychologist, Alex Cross, he presents a true roller coaster of a heart pounding, intense, jolting plot………giving credence to those who say that James Patterson is “the aster of the nonstop nightmare”.

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Sons and SoldiersThere have been numerous books written about Nazis Germany and the Holocaust, but the non-fiction book, Sons and Soldiers, is a very unique story among all others. It is the little known story of ten teenage, German Jews, and their fight to survive by escaping to the United States. Once safe, they wanted to do something to help, as well as be able to search for the families they left behind.

The U.S. Army considered the German-born Jewish boys to be an invaluable secret weapon in defeating Adolf Hitler. There were 2,000 of them who joined with small, elite interrogation teams throughout Europe. They would interrogate POWS, obtaining crucial information that ultimately helped save American lives and assisted in the victory over Hitler.

The ten who were featured in Sons and Soldiers, were called the Ritchie Boys, because they went through training at Fort Ritchie in Frederick, Maryland. Their interrogations provided key tactical intelligence on the strength of the enemy, troop and armored personnel movement, and defensive positions. It was discovered after the war, that the Ritchie Boys alone were responsible for 60% of the intelligence information collected!

Reviews for Sons and Soldiers are glowing from readers who previewed the novel. The subtitle gives the description pretty accurately…….The Untold Stories of the Jews who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with the US Army to Fight Hitler. Henderson writes the true story behind these ten brave young men, and their mission to defeat Hitler, and to also search for relatives who had been left behind.

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DunkirkThe American team of father and son, Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman have co-authored a page turning fictional novel entitled, Crime Scene: The Novel. A star athlete turned coroner’s investigator is drawn into a brutal, complicated murder. The novel is a true example of a psychological thriller at its best.

Clay Edison is the Kellerman’s main character, the coroner’s investigator whose normal job capacity entails determining natural causes or foul play in each body he examines. Figuring out motives and chasing down suspects is not a normal part of his job description. What should have been an open and shut case proves to be anything but that.

A loyal and defiant daughter of a dead professor convinces Clay to take a closer look at her father’s death. What appeared to be a nasty, fatal fall down the stairs turns out to be a grim and brutal murder. One key piece of information Clay finds is that a colleague of the professor had died in almost the same manner. The dead professor had many skeletons in his closet involving scandal, violence, and the murder of a coed.

The authors know they have a truly great work created when author, Stephen King says of the father and son writing team……… “Brilliant page turning fiction……..A rare collaboration where the sum is truly greater than the parts…….an extraordinary work of detection, suspense, and supernatural mystery”.

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