Why Are Audiobooks So Great?

by Emily Roberts on June 21, 2018

Books In Headphones

Downloading audiobooks onto smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the way we consume books. Audiobooks make it possible for us to breeze through more books, especially when finding the time to sit down and read a traditional book is increasingly hard to do. Because audiobooks allow you to listen to books while doing other things, audiobooks are a great way to sneak in a great read. Here are 5 reasons why audiobooks are great.

1. Listen Anywhere
Audiobooks allow you to listen to your favorite authors while your eyes are preoccupied, but your mind is free! Whether you are driving, doing yard work, or at the gym, you are able to listen to your favorite books without having to sacrifice your full attention.

2. Enjoy More Books
Because you are able to listen to books nearly all the time, you are then able to enjoy more books than you would normally be able to. Additionally, audiobooks don’t take as much time to listen to as they would take the average reader to read, which is another reason as to why you are able to enjoy and discover more books with audiobooks.

3. Master Storytellers Bring Books to Life
When you listen to books read by their authors or even masterful storytellers, the book takes on a whole new dimension. For some, it can be easier to fully immerse themselves in a story when they hear the voice of the characters coming to life. Non-fiction books can be easier to understand with a narrator emphasizing important points through inflections in their voice.

4. Speed Through Books
When listening to audiobooks, you have the ability to speed up or slow down the pace. This is a nice feature to have at your fingertips, especially when the narrator is going at a pace that is too slow or too fast for your liking.

5. Improve Your Vocabulary
When you read along while listening to an audiobook, you can improve your vocabulary. Reading along allows you to learn how to correctly pronounce various words that you wouldn’t know how to otherwise. Additionally, when you are reading along, you can pause the audiobook to look up definitions of words that you aren’t familiar with.

Downloading audiobooks to add to your collection is a great way to experience new books and broaden your horizon. Audiobooks are great for families, adults, teens, and kids to get involved and fall in love with reading and books!

The OutsiderOnce again, the “King” of horror and mystery author, Stephen King, has given his fan base another hit book in The Outsider. It has mystery, but also subject matter that will seem over the top for some readers. But, that is what the author thrives on……providing such subjects that take the reader to the edge of horror, then snapping them back to a sort of literary reality. When the victim is an eleven year old boy, that gives an indication of how distasteful the crime is.

There are several characters that are woven together in The Outsider. Some are victims, some appear to be perpetrators, but aren’t, and then some complete the stories. Oh yes, there will be no mention of the actual villain……the reader can find that out as they go.

The Outsider has been added to the top five Stephen King novels by some reviewers. One such review gave this order: (1) The Outsider; (2) Bag of Bones; (3) Revival; (4) Pet Semetary; (5) It
They add……that is how good this book is.

“King constructs a propulsive plot, and a race against time to uncover the identity of a terrifying and diabolical killer who has left victims…..and “perpetrators”……and across the country, and who is on his way to his next horrific act”.

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Audiobook Month

June is Audiobook Month so it’s a great time to stock up on audiobooks for Father’s Day, summer trips, long commute, or relaxing vacation. Celebrate with a good book from AudiobooksNow.

Three Days in MoscowThree Days in January, Fox News anchor and author, Bret Baier, gives an enlightening description of the leadership style of President Dwight D. Eisenhower at the beginning of the Cold War. In Baier’s new book, Three Days in Moscow, he gives a detailed look into the previous and post view of the Soviet Union, then Russia. President Ronald Reagan was able to accomplish what his predecessors could not.

On May 31, 1988, Reagan was the first American president to stand on Russian soil with thousands of people listening to him talk about human rights and freedom. He begged the Soviet people to join him in completing his new vision for the future. Less than a year later, the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union began disintigrating. That end to the Cold War was a defining historical moment not to be forgotten.

Baier’s writing style is easy to read, and his research is very detailed without getting in the way of presenting the picture of Reagan and his accomplishments. It also shows the change made in American reporting of the news. It was with Reagan that news media started putting their own interpretation of the events happening in the Reagan administration. Prior to that time, the media sheltered Presidents from negative reporting and covered mostly positive situations. But, with Reagan, they all but ignored his great accomplishments and many times made him out to be an aging old clown. Of course, he was anything but that fraudulent description. Many would say that the “fake news” sources are doing the same to President Trump now. And they did the same to President George H. W. Bush. They always made their readers and audience think that he was not very intelligent. A very sad commentary for the importance of the truth.

President Ronald Reagan brought down a murderous, debilitating, and horrific regime without bombs or huge numbers of human lives being lost. It has been said that for that, he can never be given enough credit.

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The 17th SuspectHas something gone terribly wrong within the San Francisco Police Department itself? That is what Sergeant Lindsey Boxer is beginning to suspect as she investigates another methodical, but unpredictable murder. Once again, she gets too wrapped up into the current murder case, developing nasty medical symptoms and taking her queries outside of her jurisdiction, which is not sanctioned by her department. The Women’s Murder Club urges her to not get so personally involved in the case. With more lives at stake, she does not have the luxury of heeding their advice…….she must follow leads wherever they may take her.

The main characters, Yuki Castellano, and Boxer are racing against time to try to bring a murderer to justice. The homeless population is in extreme danger. Could their desperate situation have anything to do with the murders? That is what Boxer is trying to determine, so that the case can be successfully prosecuted by Yuki. Again, Lindsay’s Murder Club friends beg her to just let it go. But, they already know that doing so is not in her nature.

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The Family GatheringAs with most stories about families, author, Robyn Carr, writes with such expression to describe the many complex situations that are found when a family comes together for an extended visit. There will always be laughter, and then shedding of tears, as pent up emotions are revealed.

The central character, Dakota Jones decides to visit with his family before heading on to the next phase of his life and adventure. He has every intention of visiting Sullivan’s Crossing, then moving on. But then he meets Sid, who has moved in to help her brother with his two children. She also tends bar at an establishment owned by her brother. She accepted the opportunity presented to her to try to recover from a very nasty divorce. As Dakota stops by the bar quite frequently, he quickly develops a friendship with Sid. Neither are in any hurry to leave after their meeting.

Author Carr is very adept at telling her stories in such a way that the reader can identify with the characters and their situations. Dakota is searching for his place in the world after military life. And, Sid is searching for her place in the world after an emotionally charged divorce. Neither were looking for love, but somehow through blended families, mental illnesses, betrayal, stalking, adoption, death, and so much more……love finds them.

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The FallenOne would think of a small town in western Pennsylvania as being laid back, quiet, and safe. However, the town of Baronville seems to be anything but serene…….or safe. In the newest of the Memory Man series, author David Baldacci follows another case that is under investigation by the series team of Amos Decker and Alex Jamison.

On an ordinary visit to Alex’ sister, and during a conversation with his precocious eight year old niece, he is distracted by a flash in the neighbor’s window. Upon checking it out, they discover two dead male bodies, with no clear hint as to how they died. Little did they know that their finding was only the tip of the iceburg.
After discovering two bodies, the investigative duo must now battle extraneous forces to have a chance at solving the mystery murders. They are working in a very financially and economically depressed small town. The only hopeful business left is a huge, new Fulfillment Center. The town is hanging all hopes for an economic revival on that new Center. However, the discovery of the deaths leads to something very sinister, that may lead the pair of FBI Agents to certain destruction. The suspense is never ending, revealing secrets and unexpected discoveries…….the reader is hooked from page one.

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Why Audio Books are Great for Kids

by Emily Roberts on May 9, 2018

Kid Audiobooks

There is a lot of hype around audio books. They are easily accessible and can go everywhere with you. Probably the trickiest part about it is learning how to download an audio book, but even that isn’t too difficult. Because audio books are so readily available they are great for kids and adults alike! So, why are audio books good for kids? Here are a few reasons!

1. They are Convenient
There is no need to carry around multiple, large, clunky books. Simply download audio books and have them with you wherever you go so your child always has books with them. This allows your child to listen to books when they are in the car or doing simple chores around the house.

2. Improve a Child’s Reading Skills
When a child is able to follow along visually while listening to an audio book, they are able to enhance their word recognition ability. This can work to expand their vocabulary and make them a better reader.

3. Children are Able to Read More Difficult Books
Listening to audio books enables your child to delve into deeper, more complicated topics than they can find at their reading level. The exposure to better-quality books will enhance comprehension skills, especially in children who struggle with reading.

4. No Stigma
Children who struggle with reading may be reluctant to read books below their level for fear of being picked on or teased. When children listen to audio books, no one will know what they are listening to, so there is no need to worry about being made fun of!

5. They’re Fun!
When audio books are done well they add a more realistic sense of drama that brings the story to life. When a child is excited about their books they will want to read and listen more, in order to discover more stories and improve their imagination.

Once you discover how to download an audio book the world is at your fingertips. You can enjoy books with your child and enjoy the stories everywhere you go. Audio Books Now has a wide selection of children’s books that will enhance your child’s view of the world and provide them with good-quality books that they will be excited to listen to!

The Great AloneIt must be pretty cathartic to be in a position to write a self-revealing book at the young age of 37 years. Such is the new book, This Is Me, a novel by Chrissy Metz, who is the star performer on the hugely popular tv serial, This Is Us. It has been described as alternating between instructional and autobiographical, and as presented in raw honesty. Through her life lessons, she has learned that both setbacks and successes can be valuable in moving through life.

Chrissy grew up in a large family, but out of nowhere, her father just disappeared one day. Her mother did her best, but they always felt the threat of possible hunger or that their electricity might be turned off. So, when her mother remarried, Chrissy felt excitement and hope that her family’s life would return to some normalcy. However, that hope was short-lived, as her step-father became very mentally, verbally, and physically abusive. He seemed to just hate her body…….he started weighing her at age 14. I always have to wonder where the mother was when things like this happen to step-children. He punched her, shoved her, yanked her wrist, but never hit her face. She said it was as though he was just offended by her body. She also says that the mistreatment by him made her realize that nothing can break her after living through his abuse.

This Is Me is a takeoff on her very successful television show on NBC, This Is Us. Viewers seem to see themselves in her character, Kate Pearson, no matter where they live or what they look like. The character, as well as the entertainer, makes her viewers and readers feel like they are spending time with a friend with whom they can identify with.

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5 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks

by Emily Roberts on May 2, 2018

Headphones Books

For book lovers, there aren’t many things that can bring more satisfaction than finally finishing a book. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time to sit down with your favorite book in hand and read for hours on end. As a result, it can take longer to finish a book than it used to. This is where audio books come to the rescue. When you download audio books for free or pay for the latest releases, you get the benefit of finishing a much-beloved book in a condensed amount of time. Here are 5 reasons why you should start listening to audiobooks if you don’t already!

1. Preference
It is common knowledge that reading can be an ineffective way to process information. When you combine reading with listening to an audiobook, you are able to supplement what knowledge you already have with additional information. Combining reading with listening enables you to retain more information.

2. Better Retention
It is common knowledge that reading can be an ineffective way to process information. When you combine reading with listening to an audiobook, you are able to supplement what knowledge you already have with additional information. Combining reading with listening enables you to retain more information.

3. Save Time
Audio books are the perfect way to multitask and make effective use of your time. With audiobooks you are able to listen while you clean the house, fold laundry, make dinner and a multitude of other things that don’t require your complete, undivided attention. Audiobooks are especially effective when you are commuting, to help pass the time.

4. Effective
Some books, or genre of books, are easier to consume via an audiobook than a traditional book. Books that are dry or hard to follow when reading, can be easier to consume when you listen to them via audio. But try to find books that don’t require you to take notes or pay close attention to every last detail, as they can be hard to comprehend without the words to reinforce the audio.

5. Convenient
Audiobooks can be stored on your smartphone, computer or portable audio device. This enables you to listen to them wherever you are—in the car, the gym, the library or school. Due to their portability, it is easy to pick up and continue listening where you left off without having to worry about losing your place.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should download audio books for free today. With almost every book available as an audiobook, you can find one that fits your taste and peaks your interest. Start listening to audiobooks today and see how often you can lose yourself in your favorite book!