Accidental Hero'sThe new best seller by author Danielle Steel, Accidental Heroes, is a sort of compilation of the suspense of the 9-11 tragedy and the landing of the plane on the Hudson River. In this day and age of continual threats, you would think each situation would be taken very seriously. However, when TSA agent, Bernice Adams finds a postcard with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge with an ominous note written on it, her supervisor just laughs it off. Apparently, that supervisor either had forgotten the horror of previous tragedies, or she was too young to remember them. Bernice took it upon herself to call Homeland Security, who took it very seriously.

Two planes are departing from New York’s JFK airport on a beautiful spring morning, traveling to San Francisco. One is a huge 757, and the other an Airbus A321. Homeland Security is quickly trying to determine who left the warning, and which plane they are on. They are fortunate to have the expertise of veteran Homeland Security officer Ben Waterman.

Ben’s focus turns to the A321 Airbus with Senior Pilot, Helen Smith and her male Co-Pilot, who was showing vocal irritation at being passed over, especially for a woman pilot. He had also been overheard speaking racial slurs. Fortunately, Helen had an off-duty pilot on board. In a novel unlike other novels by Danielle Steel, she combines intense action with emotional stories and intertwined lives. Desperate choices are made which will change the future of several accidental heroes. The mental visuals are plentiful in this book…….such as getting the plane back under control at the last minute, including flying under the Golden Gate Bridge and landing the Airbus in the San Francisco Bay.

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The Last JediStar Wars fans have been very surprised at their own delight in reading the official adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi by author Jason Fry. With the input from director Rian Johnson, the author expands on the film by including scenes from unused portions of the script and other content. And so begins another threat to the Empire and the galaxy’s freedom by the evil First Order.

The novel has been described as reading like a real book, and much better than the book created from The Force Awakens. It gives the reader the sense of something new, even though you already know the source for most of the story.

The heroes in the story provide a good example by admitting their mistakes, and better yet, learning from them. A great theme for all readers, but especially young readers. All the characters……Snoke, Hux, Luke, Ben Solo, Leia, and Rey…..were captured beautifully and emotionally in the new, untouched scenes crafted by the consulting director.

“Where the action of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended, Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins, as the battle between light and dark climbs to astonishing new heights”.

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Reasons to Purchase Best Sellers as Audiobooks

by Emily Roberts on April 10, 2018


According to Overdrive, one of the country’s biggest providers of eBooks and audiobooks to U.S. public libraries, patrons borrowed 34 percent more audiobooks in 2016 than they did the previous year. In other words, the era of the audiobook is upon us. This article will give you a few reasons why people seek out audiobooks today more than ever.

While experts disagree over which book format is the most popular, what everyone agrees upon is the fact that audiobooks have been on the rise for the past couple of years. These days, you’re as likely to see joggers listening to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple founder and visionary Steve Jobs as you would the latest Bruno Mars smash hit.

With so many people constantly on the go, it’s no wonder that best selling audiobooks have grown in popularity. Now that everyone from the biggest spenders to those on a tight budget, who can borrow their audiobooks from the library, can get in on this craze, more and more people will decide to pick up audiobooks and give this format a try.

Three Reasons Why People Buy Their Best Sellers in Audiobook Form

People always want to be in the know: Many people have found themselves in the position of being the only person in their group of friends who haven’t read the latest best seller. You can join in on the conversation by getting best selling audiobooks from AudiobooksNow. In addition, references are often made in the media about the hottest book. Understanding those references can be fun and help you connect with others.

People don’t have time: People want entertainment and they want to be informed. But they have busy lives and don’t have the time to read a 1000-page book or pick up the latest best seller. For these people, audiobooks can act as a great way to indulge their love of reading or their love of stories while driving, cooking, or working out.

People don’t want to stare at a screen for hours on end: Watching hours of “The Walking Dead” or “Atlanta” may seem like a fun way to spend a weekend, but staring at a television or laptop screen for hours and hours has downsides such as eye strain. An audiobook lets you merge entertainment with activities like taking a walk or cleaning your house.

Audiobooks give you the perfect opportunity to stay informed, relevant and entertained without losing precious time. You can do them nearly anywhere, whether you’re out and about or in your home.

Red SparrowIn such a timely manner, new author Jason Matthews has written an excellent spy novel about the continuing high stakes operations among the power nations. Matthews has been a veteran CIA officer, so his novel is based on personal experiences. Those stories are always the most realistic and the best.

Present day Russia is ruled by blue-eyed, unblinking Vladimir Putin, who has not really changed from his former KGB days in the Soviet Union. Most agencies have essentially just changed names rather than actual change in operation. It has been said…….if you think the cold war is over……think again. It is that startling revelation that makes the novel, Red Sparrow, so intriguing. Matthews assembled a remarkable cast of characters in Dominika Egorova, and Nathaniel Nash. Dominika is a struggling survivor in the post-Soviet intelligence jungle, and Nathaniel is a young CIA officer who handles the USA’s most important Russian mole.

Dominika was ordered to attend the Russian hidden “Sparrow School” located just outside of Moscow. It is there that, many times, unwilling participants are taught the espionage tool of “sexpionage”. Luring vulnerable foreign agents into the trap of personal intimacy has been a Russian espionage tool for years and years. Nathaniel is Dominika’s victim…..all this in the midst of careening out of control action among Russia, Finland, Italy, Greece, and the United States. A recipe made for complete chaos that could eventually lead to many country’s military secrets being compromised, or in death.

Jason Matthews is in a good position to become a major new American author. His first-hand knowledge of espionage, counterintelligence, surveillance, spy recruitment, cyber- warfare, and communications gives him a huge edge among his spy thriller peers. He can remove what is perceived, and without exaggeration, tell a thrilling story of what is lying under the veneer of that perception.

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton!

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What Are Audiobooks?

by Emily Roberts on April 3, 2018

Listening to Audiobooks

Once commonly referred to as “talking books,” audiobooks have been around in one form or another since the 1930s. Even though technology has changed considerably since the early days of audiobooks, it’s still an appealing way to enjoy a sizzling best-seller or a timeless classic in a more convenient and engaging way. Here is an explanation for anyone who’s searching for “what is audiobooks?

What Exactly Are Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are simply voice recordings of text from a published book. They can be verbatim (word-for-word) recordings of a book’s complete text or a short, abridged version of the book. Audiobooks can be listened to on a music device like an mp3 player when in digital form, on a smartphone or tablet, or on a home computer or laptop that’s capable of producing sound. Once primarily available on audio cassettes, today’s audiobooks are often downloaded or streamed by the user.

How Are They Different from E-Books?

The terms “e-book” and “audiobook” are sometimes confused. While both are electronic or digital forms of books, that’s where the similarities end. An e-book is a book that’s meant to be read on the screen of a computer, a mobile device, or a special electronic reader designed specifically for viewing the digital form of a book. Audiobooks are meant to be listened to. Therefore, there’s no visual presentation of text.

Why Purchase Audiobooks?

The most obvious reason to purchase audiobooks is because they are entertaining and informative. The dialog is often read in a way that draws the listener into the story or narrative. Audiobooks also give you the ability to multitask. You can listen to your preferred audiobook while you clean the house, get school work done, or even while sitting against a tree on a warm summer day and taking in the sights around you. Here are some other reasons to use audiobooks:

  • You’ll get a better feel for the emotions behind the words.
  • You can finish a book faster since words are generally spoken at a quicker pace.
  • Comprehension is often easier because of the vocal tone or inflection.
  • Audiobooks are soothing and a great way to mentally escape from a stressful day.

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Look for MeIn #9 of her series of D. D. Warren detective novels, author Lisa Gardner presents, Look for Me, another in the established series. Gardner also brings back a survivor character from previous novels. Flora Dane is a true survivor from having been abducted at one time for over 400 days. We are never quite sure how a person comes away from such horrific circumstances with all faculties intact. Flora possesses knowledge that only someone who has lived through abduction and captivity can know. She also runs a group for survivors. And, so their investigation begins.

Once D. D. and Flora get rolling, they play off of each other throughout the novel. The storyline is very heart wrenching, but there is still some levity as the two provide humor, snarky comebacks, and their dynamics as they work together. A family of five is brutally gunned down, but one person is missing from the group. Roxy, a 16 year old girl was not found with the rest of the family. That begs the question……is she a victim or a perpetrator? D. D. and Flora find a lot of clues to the personality of Roxy through different essays she has written on her ideas of the perfect family……and what the reality is of the family she was currently with. Why is Roxy on the run? The answer may not be what is expected.

Look for Me is a story of brutality, but also has much to say about the foster care system. According to readers who are Lisa Gardner fans, the book is a well-written, well-paced and cleverly plotted storyline that is told in the voices of the three main characters. Roxy’s thoughts are most thought provoking, as she told many secrets that came from her life as a foster child. Readers were sad, shocked, and angered by the foster home in this story…… a clue in itself.

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Wallis in LoveI remember hearing about a king abdicating his throne for the love of his life…….but I did not know the real story. Apparently, according to biographer, Andrew Morton, Wallis Simpson was not the person who was really worthy of such sacrificial love as exhibited by Edward VIII. I had imagined a graceful, beautiful lady whose charms just could not be resisted by Edward, Prince of Wales. Not a picture of the actual Wallis Simpson at all.

Bessie Wallis Warfield was always only out for herself. Even as a little girl, she was known to say, “me, me” instead of “ma, ma”. Through diary entries, letters, and other records, Morton takes the reader through Wallis’s romantic adventures in China, Washington, and her entrance into London society. Instead of the one supposed romantic story, she had one husband who was a Navy pilot……through him, she met a richer crowd. After that marriage, she met husband #2, a shipping broker who gave her the life she wanted, but also led her to meet Edward, the Prince of Wales. He immediately became infatuated with her and showered her with gifts and attention, as her husband watched from the background. She actually thought she might realize her dream of becoming a queen. But, she did not realize that twice divorced women would never become queen. She thought sure she could trick her way into receiving the title. When Edward’s father died, Edward was in line to become king, but he decided to abdicate the throne to be with Wallis Simpson. She was not happy about his decision, so she made his life miserable after that and treated him very badly.

Wallis was a taker all her life, never giving back to anything or anyone. She was a hollow person, famous for being famous. She was not a temptress or vixen, but an ordinary gold digger, who found out that in the end, what she thought would make her happy did not turn out anything as she had thought. What I always imagined to be a fairytale romance ended up being anything but………

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Wrinkle in TimeWhat would you do if your scientist father was experimenting with a fifth dimension, then suddenly disappeared? You would, of course, try to find your father by whatever means possible. For Meg Murry, her brother Charles Wallace, and her friend Calvin, the time had come to rescue Mr. Murry from whatever dimension had grabbed him. Author L’Engle is well into her 80’s, but those who have met her say she is spirited, engaging, challenging and very sharp for any age. She autographed one reader’s copy of A Wrinkle in Time by inscribing…….with love and a flourish, “ananda”! The ending word loosely means bliss or joy. What an amazing comment by such a spirited author.

Creativity is the central word to describe this book. From its wonderful names, such as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Witch who were lively supernatural neighbors. Then, there is the lovely Aunt Beast. The three ladies, whose names begin with W, are escorts for the Murry children and their friend from Meg’s school into the universe and into the fifth dimension to try to rescue their father.

The story ramps up in excitement……so much so that most children might become a little frightened and anxious. This commonly happens when a story deals with the forces of good and evil. Fortunately, for the reader, the story does have a happy ending. One reviewer said what we can all wish……I love believing there is GOOD in the world…….but sometimes we still feel sad.

Major motion picture, starring Oprah Winfrey, Reece Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Storm Reid and Chris Pine was released to theaters on March 89, 2018.

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Iron GoldFrom New York Times bestselling author, Pierce Brown, comes another in his series of stories from the dark side of war among the planets. In his complicated story lines, with complicated characters, it is common to see references to world’s (plural), not just one world as in reality. Imagine taking the many problems we have among all different factions in our one world, and spreading them among several worlds. Worlds that you can traverse to and from at will. Think of how gigantic those one world problems would become.

Iron Gold is the beginning of a whole new universe. Along with that universe comes a whole new saga of tragedy, triumph, and transformation. The reader will find Iron Gold to be dark, filled with betrayal, war, violence, lost hopes and dreams…….just about everything at one time that can destroy the spirit of any being. Author Brown definitely pushes his characters to their limits by exploring their power and inner strength. One reviewer felt that all Pierce Brown books are dark, but that Iron Gold is especially grim. This new book is placed in time ten years after book 3. Those years brought more disillusionment and more broken promises. The populace has become jaded.

Pierce Brown is known for creating stories within one book that have several different point of views. It follows several different characters to describe the events of the past decade. Nobody is completely good or completely bad. One returning character, Darrow, is the ultimate tortured hero, and author Brown spares nothing in giving him great struggles. Darrow has sacrificed so much in the series of books, and Iron Gold is no exception. Some readers were saddened by the way Darrow puts so much blame for the ills of the world upon himself.

A general consensus of some reviews is that Iron Gold is a “setup” for bigger things to come in following books.

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Gold Dust WomenWhen we think of who is an awesome iconic woman in serious rock’n roll……one of the first names that comes to mind has to be Stevie Nicks. Her place in music history was secured by her years of performing with Fleetwood Mac. To this day, she performs to sold out venues at the age of 69. Her fans are die-hard and have gobbled up the information in author, Stephen Davis’ unauthorized biography entitled Gold Dust Woman. Even self-proclaimed Stevie Nicks-aholics admit that the prospect of another biography about the rocker icon left them less than interested, but they were pleasantly surprised at how much more they learned about Stevie and her illustrious career and colorful personal life.

Stevie became interested in music through her grandfather, when she was a child. Eventually, she met Lindsey Buckingham and her years as a rock goddess began. Her career with Fleetwood Mac has been described by the author in various stages of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It follows her journey through battling drug addiction and various exes, and on to a very successful solo career in present day.

Gold Dust Woman portrays the life of Stevie Nicks taking the reader through her relationship with controlling Lindsey Buckingham, her rally to assert her strength to stand up to him and the man’s music world of Fleetwood Mac, and her fight to the top as she proved her worth as an outstanding talent who deserves her celebrity status. She aspired to and gained the right to “walk like a queen”.

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