Leo Tolstoy The NonFiction Collecti..., Leo Tolstoy
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Leo Tolstoy: The Non-Fiction Collection
What is Art; The Inevitable Revolution; The Kingdom of God; A Confession

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Unabridged: 26 hr 36 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: SNR Audio

Published: 10/13/2022

Genre: Philosophy


This audiobook includes unabridged recordings of Leo Tolstoy's 4 greatest works of non-fiction in one audiobook.This audiobook is fully indexed. Once downloaded, each book and chapter will be listed so you can easily navigate to the individual section.The essays included here are:What is Art? - The works of Dante, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Baudelaire, and even his own novels are condemned in the course of Tolstoy's impassioned and iconoclastic redefinition of art as a force for good; for the improvement of humankind.The Inevitable Revolution - An essay about abolishing the law of violence and replacing it with the law of love. It is a text on civil disobedience, pacifism, and anarchism, and it is Tolstoy's last non-fiction work detailing his final opinions on political, economic, and religious issues.The Kingdom of God Is Within You - Deemed a threat to church and state, this is a culmination of a lifetime's thought. It espouses a commitment to Jesus's message of turning the other cheek. In a bold and original treatise, Tolstoy shows his readers clearly why they must reject violence of any sort—even that sanctioned by the state or the church—and urges them to look within themselves to find the answers to questions of morality.A Confession - In the course of this essay, Tolstoy attempts to find answers to the greatest questions of philosophy throuh science, philosophy, eastern wisdom, and the opinions of his fellow novelists. Finding no workable solution in any of these, Tolstoy recognizes the deep religious convictions of ordinary people as containing the key to true answers.