The Good Place and Philosophy, Kimberly S. Engels
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The Good Place and Philosophy
Everything is Forking Fine!

Unabridged: 10 hr 35 min

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Published: 03/23/2021

Category: Philosophy


Dive into the moral philosophy at the heart of all four seasons of NBC's The Good Place, guided by academic experts, including the show's philosophical consultants Pamela Hieronymi and Todd May, and featuring a foreword from creator and showrunner Michael Schur. ● Explicitly dedicated to the philosophical concepts, questions, and fundamental ethical dilemmas at the heart of the thoughtful and ambitious NBC sitcom The Good Place. ● Navigates the murky waters of moral philosophy in more conceptual depth to call into question what Chidi's ethics lessons—and the show—get right about learning to be a good person. ● Engages classic philosophical questions, including the clash between utilitarianism and deontological ethics in the "Trolley Problem," Kant's categorical imperative, Sartre's nihilism, and T. M. Scanlon's contractualism. ● Explores themes such as death, love, moral heroism, free will, responsibility, artificial intelligence, fatalism, skepticism, virtue ethics, perception, and the nature of autonomy in the surreal heaven-like afterlife of the Good Place.