Talk on the Wild Side: Why Language Can't Be Tamed Why Language Can't Be Tamed, Lane Greene
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Talk on the Wild Side: Why Language Can't Be Tamed

Author: Lane Greene

Narrator: Lane Greene

Unabridged: 9 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Published: 11/06/2018

Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines - Linguistics - Historical & Comparative


Language is the most human invention. Spontaneous, unruly, passionate, and erratic it resists every attempt to discipline or regularize it--a history celebrated here in all its irreverent glory.Language is a wild thing. It is vague and anarchic. Style, meaning, and usage are continually on the move. Throughout history, for every mutation, idiosyncrasy, and ubiquitous mistake, there have been countervailing rules, pronouncements and systems making some attempt to bring language to heel. From the utopian language-builder to the stereotypical grammatical stickler to the programmer trying to teach a computer to translate, Lane Greene takes the reader through a multi-disciplinary survey of the many different ways in which we attempt to control language, exploring the philosophies, motivations, and complications of each. The result is a highly readable caper that covers history, linguistics, politics, and grammar with the ease and humor of a dinner party anecdote.Talk on the Wild Side is both a guide to the great debates and controversies of usage, and a love letter to language itself. Holding it together is Greene's infectious enthusiasm for his subject. While you can walk away with the finer points of who says "whom" and the strange history of "buxom" schoolboys, most of all, it inspires awe in language itself: for its elegance, resourcefulness, and power.


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{"id":"2560678","ean":"9781549119859","abr":"Unabridged","title":"Talk on the Wild Side: Why Language Can't Be Tamed","subtitle":"Why Language Can't Be Tamed","author":"Lane Greene","rating_average":"0","narrator":"Lane Greene","ubr_id":"2560678","abr_id":"0","ubr_price":"24.98","abr_price":"0.00","ubr_memprice":"16.24","abr_memprice":"0.00","ubr_narrator":"Lane Greene","abr_narrator":"","ubr_length":"Unabridged: 9 hr 30 min","abr_length":"Abridged: "}