Learning Italian For Beginners 2500 ..., Italian Academy
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Learning Italian For Beginners: 2500 Italian Phrases and Basic Grammar Rules

Unabridged: 8 hr 40 min

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Published: 01/16/2020


Would you like to discover how to speak, write & understand Italian in fast?Learning a new language isn't a simple task. In fact, you could spend months after months trying to speak a foreign language, only to discover your efforts were fruitless. And that's exactly why "Learning Italian for Beginners" was written.In the comprehensive book "Learning Italian for Beginners", Italian Academy will give you 2500 phrases and grammar basics that can be applied on the entire Italian language, making you speak Italian faster, better, and much, much easier than any other language learning strategy can!With this profound book, you will:-Speak, write, and understand Italian-Understand 2500 most used Italian words-Unlike other Italian teaching books, you will learn only what matters to speak Italian successfully-Learn spoken Italian in a matter of a few weeks -Understand the basic grammar rules -Be proud & confident in your learning abilities and Italian speaking level-Enjoy speaking, understanding and using Italian whenever you need to!Unlike other Italian teaching books, in "Learning Italian for Beginners" you will get on a silver platter the 2500 most used words, phrases and expressions in Italian.In fact, if you only learned the words "The", "be" and "to" in English – You could already speak 68% of the spoken English language. Why not applying the same principle in Italian?No need to learn the entire dictionary by heart, no need to memorize random phrases or taking long courses that will only discourage you!With the outstanding teaching strategy inside this book, Italian is a language that anyone can speak, no matter where you're from or how good of a student you were in school!Get yourself a new language with only 1 click! Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and become an Italian speaker faster than you can imagine!