Comparative Literature Audiobooks

Comparative Literature, Ben Hutchinson

Comparative Literature

by Ben Hutchinson
List: $12.99
Sale: $9.10
Club: $6.49

Unabridged: 4 hr 56 min
Narrator: Chris MacDonnell
Published: 11/27/2018
Category: Literary Criticism
Studies in Classic American Literatur..., D H Lawrence

Studies in Classic American Literatur...

by D H Lawrence
List: $15.00
Sale: $10.50
Club: $7.50

Unabridged: 6 hr 30 min
Narrator: Simon Vance
Published: 11/13/2019
Category: Literary Criticism
Odyssey of the West VI, Timothy B. Shutt

Odyssey of the West VI

by Timothy B. Shutt
List: $19.99
Sale: $13.99
Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 8 hr 3 min
Narrator: Timothy B. Shutt
Published: 05/29/2009
Category: Literary Criticism
Breaking Bread with the Dead, Alan Jacobs

Breaking Bread with the Dead

by Alan Jacobs
List: $15.00
Sale: $10.80
Club: $7.50

Unabridged: 4 hr 51 min
Narrator: P.J. Ochlan
Published: 09/08/2020
Category: Literary Criticism
Tragedy, Terry Eagleton


by Terry Eagleton
List: $19.99
Sale: $13.99
Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 7 hr 32 min
Narrator: Roger Clark
Published: 09/22/2020
Category: Literary Criticism
Literature is the best thing that eve..., D.S. Pais

Literature is the best thing that eve...

by D.S. Pais
List: $2.50
Sale: $1.75
Club: $1.25

Unabridged: 12 min
Narrator: D.S. Pais
Published: 06/27/2020
Category: Literary Criticism
The Dharma Bums Guide to Western Lit..., Dean Sluyter

The Dharma Bum's Guide to Western Lit...

by Dean Sluyter
List: $29.95
Sale: $20.97
Club: $14.97

Unabridged: 12 hr 53 min
Narrator: Dean Sluyter
Published: 03/29/2022
Category: Literary Criticism
Literature in our Lives, Richard Jacobs

Literature in our Lives

by Richard Jacobs
List: $50.95
Sale: $35.67
Club: $25.47

Unabridged: 10 hr 21 min
Narrator: Tom Lawrence
Published: 12/17/2020
Category: Literary Criticism
Jo March and NotLikeTheOtherGirls..., Niina Niskanen

Jo March and Not-Like-The-Other-Girls...

by Niina Niskanen
List: $4.99
Sale: $3.50
Club: $2.49

Unabridged: 2 hr 20 min
Narrator: Niina Niskanen
Published: 10/10/2023
Category: Literary Criticism