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Our Revolution A Future to Believe In, Bernie Sanders

Our Revolution

by Bernie Sanders

List: $32.99

Sale: $23.10

Club: $16.49

Unabridged: 18 hr 34 min
Narrator: Bernie Sanders
Published: 11/15/2016
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Beyond the Messy Truth How We Came Apart, How We Come Together, Van Jones

Beyond the Messy Truth

by Van Jones

List: $20.00

Sale: $14.00

Club: $10.00

Unabridged: 7 hr 16 min
Narrator: Prentice Onayemi
Published: 10/10/2017
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This Is an Uprising How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the Twenty-First Century, Mark Engler

This Is an Uprising

by Mark Engler

List: $19.99

Sale: $13.99

Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 11 hr 28 min
Narrator: Graham Halstead
Published: 04/11/2017
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Why Civil Resistance Works The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict, Erica Chenoweth

Why Civil Resistance Works

by Erica Chenoweth

List: $19.99

Sale: $13.99

Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 8 hr 57 min
Narrator: Traci Odom
Published: 02/26/2019
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The Next Red Wave How Conservatives Can Beat Leftist Aggression, RINO Betrayal & Deep State Subversion, Jordan Sekulow

The Next Red Wave

by Jordan Sekulow

List: $24.98

Sale: $17.49

Club: $12.49

Unabridged: 6 hr 58 min
Narrator: Jordan Sekulow
Published: 09/24/2019
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No Shortcuts Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age, Jane F. McAlevey

No Shortcuts

by Jane F. McAlevey

List: $24.99

Sale: $17.50

Club: $12.49

Unabridged: 9 hr 46 min
Narrator: Pam Ward
Published: 10/22/2019
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Change We Can Believe In Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise, Barack Obama

Change We Can Believe In

by Barack Obama

List: $17.50

Sale: $12.25

Club: $8.75

Unabridged: 7 hr 22 min
Narrator: Andre Blake
Published: 09/09/2008
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Together We Rise Behind the Scenes at the Protest Heard Around the World, Women's March Organizers, The

Together We Rise

by Women's March Organizer...

List: $20.99

Sale: $14.70

Club: $10.49

Unabridged: 5 hr 49 min
Narrator: James Fouhey
Published: 01/16/2018
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Red State Uprising How to Take Back America, Erick Erickson and Lew Euhler

Red State Uprising

by Erick Erickson and Lew ...

List: $13.95

Sale: $9.77

Club: $6.97

Unabridged: 6 hr 37 min
Narrator: Michael Chamberlai...
Published: 09/20/2010
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Dreamers An Immigrant Generation's Fight for Their American Dream, Eileen Truax


by Eileen Truax

List: $20.00

Sale: $14.00

Club: $10.00

Unabridged: 7 hr 32 min
Narrator: Kyla Garcia
Published: 12/26/2017
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Fight like a Mother How a Grassroots Movement Took on the Gun Lobby and Why Women Will Change the World, Shannon Watts

Fight like a Mother

by Shannon Watts

List: $23.99

Sale: $16.79

Club: $11.99

Unabridged: 8 hr 12 min
Narrator: Shannon Watts
Published: 05/28/2019
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War for Eternity Inside Bannon’s Far-Right Circle of Global Powerbrokers, Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

War for Eternity

by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

List: $26.99

Sale: $18.89

Club: $13.49

Unabridged: 9 hr 22 min
Narrator: Robert Petkoff
Published: 04/21/2020
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We Are Indivisible A Blueprint for Democracy After Trump, Leah Greenberg

We Are Indivisible

by Leah Greenberg

List: $17.99

Sale: $12.59

Club: $8.99

Unabridged: 8 hr 38 min
Narrator: Jayme Mattler
Published: 11/05/2019
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American Resistance From the Women's March to the Blue Wave, Dana R. Fisher

American Resistance

by Dana R. Fisher

List: $19.99

Sale: $13.99

Club: $9.99

Unabridged: 3 hr 37 min
Narrator: Chelsea Stephens
Published: 10/15/2019