Voices of Rome, Lindsey Davis
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Voices of Rome
Four Stories of Ancient Rome

Author: Lindsey Davis

Unabridged: 10 hr 21 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/12/2023


Four novella-length stories written to illuminate Lindsey Davis's unparalleled output of the last 30 years, with an introduction written and narrated by the author. Lindsey Davis has received the Crime Writer's Association Lifetime Achievement Award for her two immortal series of detective novels featuring Marcus Didius Falco and his adopted daughter, Flavia Albia. She is regarded as the finest living novelist of Ancient Rome. Here, for the first time in book form, are four novella-length stories written to illuminate her unparalleled output of the last 30 years.THE BRIDE FROM BITHYNIA, read by Jane Collingwood, tells the story of Aelia Camilla, an orphan, who travels 1000 miles to Britain to marry Gaius Flavius, a Roman officer. But she arrives just as the province explodes in the Boudican Revolt. No shrinking violet, it will be up to Aelia to save herself from the conflagration. THE SPOOK WHO SPOKE AGAIN, read by Thomas Judd. Marcus Didius Alexander Postumus is an odd boy who has known two families. That of Marcus Didius himself and his actual birth mother, Thalia the Snake Dancer. Things begin to unravel quickly when he decides to emulate his adopted father and investigate a death in Thalia's troupe of exotic performers.VESUVIUS BY NIGHT, read by Jonathan Keeble. Two men share a room but seldom meet. Nonius is a pimp and part time thief who operates at night, Larius is a fresco painter who dreams of artistic greatness by day. When the volcano erupts, one will begin looting hastily abandoned villas, the other will do anything he can to save himself and his family.INVITATION TO DIE, read by Jonathan Keeble. When the Emperor Domitian invites the entire senatorial class to a banquet to honour the recent war dead, many think he intends to take revenge on his enemies. When the Camillus brothers enter the black-painted hall where the feast is being held and see their names engraved on monumental stones, they fear they will not survive the night . . .Four pivotal events, fact and fiction. Four stories which allow Davis's much-loved characters new space and the opportunity to take personal roles in tense situations, with moving results. They face villainy, tragedy, accident, confusion and fear - but each story is told with the wry humour, and underpinned by human wisdom, courage and love.(P)2023 Hodder & Stoughton Limited