The Spirit of Life, Donald Goergen
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The Spirit of Life
A Catholic Retreat with the Holy Spirit

Narrator: Donald Goergen

Unabridged: 5 hr 27 min

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Publisher: Learn25

Published: 06/24/2015

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Encounter the power of the Holy Spirit in this life-giving retreat.How does the Holy Spirit make a difference in the Church, the world, and your own life? Far too often, people overlook the influence of the Spirit. And yet according to Church teaching, the Spirit is equal to the Father and the Son, playing a fundamental role in the Scriptures and life of Jesus. In The Spirit of Life: A Catholic Retreat with the Holy Spirit, you will awaken a deeper appreciation and greater awareness of the third Person of the Trinity. As you move through these retreat conferences, you will watch the workings of the Holy Spirit unfold in ever expanding ways. You will begin with the divine indwelling of the Spirit in your own life and soul before exploring how He works through Word, sacrament, and the charismatic gifts. As you will see, the Spirit is also present outside the visible Body of Christ in other religious traditions, and lies at the heart of the cosmos. To this end, you will explore how the Holy Spirit, who spoke through the prophets and sages of the Old Testament, later breathed life into the early Christian communities, and is still alive in the world today.These powerful retreat conferences will bring alive the gift of love in your own heart. Become a channel of the Holy Spirit in the world today.