The Riddle, Jacob Grimm
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The Riddle

Unabridged: 7 min

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Published: 01/23/2015


A prince once decided to travel around the world with his servant. In a big forest, they couldn’t find a place to spend a night. Then they saw a girl near some little house. The girl advised them not to stay in the house, as her stepmother didn’t like strangers. But they slept there. The maiden warned them not to eat or drink there. The next morning an old stepmother brought the prince a poisoned drink, but the glass cracked and the drink was spilled on the servant’s horse, killing it. The raven started to eat the corpse and the servant killed it to have something for supper. Later they found an inn in the forest and the servant gave the raven to the landlord to cook it. But this inn was also a robbers’ den. What happened to the prince then? All the details are in the fairy tale!