The Replication, A.L. Masters
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The Replication

Author: A.L. Masters

Narrator: Gary Bennett

Unabridged: 8 hr 15 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/28/2023


They made it out of the rubble alive. Mostly. The survivors had lost everything in the disaster. All of it was destroyed in one horrific blink of an eye. They were going to have to regroup somewhere and heal, gather more supplies. Cheyenne Mountain, and the answers it would hopefully bring, could wait a little longer. Sten's place represented security and promised them a place to recoup some of their losses, but getting there could cost them their lives. Especially since danger was multiplying at every turn. At least they were still together . . . for now. When Kate went to her favorite coffee shop to finish up a work project, she hadn't expected the world to end. She hadn't expected to commit felonies left and right. She hadn't expected to lose her entire family. She hadn't expected Storm. Joining up with some of the soldiers seemed like the best option to accomplish her personal mission. Nashville was falling and needed their support, and she could tag along and help raise the body count. She wished she knew if the sacrifices she had made would be worth it in the end.