The Plea of Innocence, Tim Bakken
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The Plea of Innocence
Restoring Truth to the American Justice System

Author: Tim Bakken

Narrator: Gary Bennett

Unabridged: 7 hr 22 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/27/2022


The Plea of Innocence offers a fundamental reform of the adversarial system: plausibly innocent people may now plead innocent and require the government to search for exonerating facts; in return, they will be required to waive their right to remain silent, speak to government agents, and participate in a search for truth. While almost all the participants within the system hope that only guilty people will be convicted, the unfortunate reality is that innocent people are convicted and imprisoned at an alarming rate. With the privatization of defense institutions, accused innocent people are themselves responsible for finding the facts that could exonerate them. Though the poor are represented by public defenders- almost no one who is charged with a crime has enough money to pay for a complete defense-it is still accused people, not public officials, who bear the entire burden of proving their innocence. Tim Bakken believes that reform of the three-hundred-year-old adversarial system is overdue, and that the government should be responsible for searching for truth rather than being satisfied with due process. Featuring compelling evidence and concrete steps for reform, The Plea of Innocence is at once sensible and revolutionary, a must-listen for anyone invested in restoring truth to the justice system.