The Orator, Anton Chekhov
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The Orator

Author: Anton Chekhov

Unabridged: 8 min

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Published: 01/17/2015


One morning there was a burial of the collegiate assessor, Kirill Ivanovitch Babilonov who died because of two diseases, that were the most common in the society: an angry wife and alcoholisms. When the funeral procession moved on from the church towards the cemetery, one of teammate of the dead man, sat into a coach and went to his friend Zapoikin who was young and popular man. Zapoikin was well known and had a rare talent - to speak extempore wedding, anniversaries and funeral speeches. He could talk every time: half-awake, on an empty stomach, overdrunk and in the heat. He talks smoothly and evenly as well as the water from a gutter. He had so many words in his vocabulary as many as a number of cockroaches in any restaurant. His speech was eloquently and long, so sometimes, especially on merchant weddings where the police was needed to stop him talking. Read the story until the end to know what happened next.