The Jane Seymour Conspiracy, Alexandra Walsh
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The Jane Seymour Conspiracy

Narrator: Emma Gregory

Unabridged: 11 hr 53 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/15/2022


London, 1527: Jane Seymour arrives at court to take her place with Queen Katherine. Discovering a court dividing into factions between Katherine and Anne Boleyn, Jane finds herself caught between the old world and the new. Determined to have a son, the king appears to be prepared to take whatever steps necessary to secure the Tudor dynasty. When King Henry VIII succeeds in his pursuit of Anne, Jane witnesses the unravelling of his interest as she, too, fails to deliver a son. Having watched both Katherine and Anne, Jane has no ambition for the throne, but when the king begins seeking her out, Jane realizes the decision may be out of her hands. Pembrokeshire, 2020: When a set of papers makes its way to Perdita and Piper at Marquess House, they find a new mystery to unravel. The manuscript is the tale of five women on a quest to find love, written while Anne Boleyn was queen. As Perdita begins to unravel the text, she discovers a code that leads to a new outlook on Henry's relationship with Jane. But before they have a chance to reveal all, they find themselves under threat. Their cousin, Xavier, is determined to wrest Marquess House from them. And they realize he will stop at nothing.