The Fighting Roosters And The Eagle, unknown
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The Fighting Roosters And The Eagle

Author: unknown

Unabridged: 4 min

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Published: 01/15/2015


American folklore binds traditions of Native Americans and Europeans. It includes founding myths of America that feature Christopher Columbus and Pilgrims, leaders of the American Revolution, but the fundamental of the American folklore are tall tales with the famous John Henry and Paul Bunyan. Tall tales include unbelievable elements and presents them as true. This is a story that retells an Aesop’s fable of vainglory and conceit. Two roosters want to clear the air and find out who is going to be the king of their farm yard. They begin to fight and the more brutal one appears to be a winner. However, he forgets to look around. This is a wonderful story that conveys a simple thought and is interesting and edifying for children, despite even adults can feel the wisdom of ages reading it.