The Extraordinary Aquatic Adventure, Mardus Oosaar
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The Extraordinary Aquatic Adventure
Fairies Edition

Author: Mardus Oosaar

Narrator: Mardus Oosaar

Unabridged: 20 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/05/2021


Have you ever thought there are many things that are not taught in schools, even though they are crutial to our children’s development? Have you wondered how to teach listening to the intuition? Then keep reading…In the contemporary world it can get be quite easy to get distracted from our goals and what we set out to do. As a children’s fiction author, I find it increasingly important to equip the youth with skills and understanding of how to dream big,  become wonderful people and ultimately fulfill what they set out to achieve in life.Now, to dream and to fulfill their dreams, first of all, children need to understand what is it that they want. Right? What makes people happy is different and what and how children will wish to go about life will also be different. In these pages, your child will discover:How to recognize the intuition and what it means to follow it.Why spontaneity can be a great way to go in some instances.Get acquainted with wonderful sea creatures.Gain the one key skill needed when acting on a whim.Understand why being kind to others will get them rewarded in the long run.Receive an introduction to Greek Mythology.Learn that every deed has a cause and effect, be in right or wrong.Have you been looking for a book that will ensure that your child knows how to achieve success?  “The Extraordinary Aquatic Adventure” will teach your children to go about modern-day life successfully even if every other children’s book has failed to provide any value.If you want your child to learn the most important parts of becoming successful, then scroll up and click the ADD TO CART button.Copyright © 2019 Creative Arts Management Company