The Crane and The Heron, unknown
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The Crane and The Heron

Author: unknown

Unabridged: 1 min

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Published: 12/26/2014


The word which means ‘fairy tale’ in Russian is transliterated into English as ‘skazka’. This term is used for a lot of forms, some Russian fairy tales do not include anything magical and tell a tale of everyday life, the other, however, are rather ballads. Russian fairy tales can be prosaic and in verse, be made up by the folk or by some authors. A fairy tale is wisdom of old times in the form a funny story. This one is of a crane and a heron living in the same bog. Tired of living alone, they decide to get together and marry each other, but each time one of them doesn’t want to. Who started this, how could this happen and how it’s going to end? Read the tale to the end and find it out. This story teaches children simple truths in simple phrases and cheers them up at the same time.