The Art of Seduction How to Make Her..., PUA Freeman
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The Art of Seduction: How to Make Her Want You

Author: PUA Freeman

Narrator: PUA Freeman

Unabridged: 2 hr 19 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/03/2016


Not many men would admit to it but approaching a beautiful woman they are attracted to is perhaps one of the scariest and most daunting things they could ever imagine doing. The fear of rejection can almost be paralyzing for so many guys, many of whom are highly successful and confident in other areas of their lives. PUA Freeman is a dating and attraction coach who runs Powerfully Confident Bootcamps in major cities all around the world. Teaching men how to approach and talk to women. Forget everything you think you have heard about “game’ and ‘pick up’. This book is not about manipulating or tricking girls into bed. Powerfully Confident Bootcamps teach men how to have the drive and passion to go after what they want while having the heart and integrity to be the sort of genuine guy that women dream of one day meeting. If you are ready to get off the fence and go after the life you really desire then this book could be one of the most important discoveries of your life. Discover: 1. How to become fearless with the opposite sex. 2. How to make a powerfully attractive first impression. 3. A complete body language overhaul. 4. NLP secrets that make your words magnetic. 5. How to open, engage and get her number within 60 seconds. 6. How you become the man that all women dream of meeting. 7. How, by applying all this you can make the world your playground.