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SOCIAL SKILLS POSITIVE THINKING NLP MANIPULATION and MIND CONTROL: The definitive Guide to Improve your social skills, including Stoicism, Beat the Narcissist, Miracle morning and Body Language

Narrator: David Martin

Unabridged: 13 hr 4 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/08/2020


The definitive guide to improve your social skills, including stoicism, beat the narcissist, miracle morning and body languageDo you think that your social skills need some improvements? Would you like to beat narcissist and have a better body language? Then you have to keep reading!Social skills are the skills we use everyday to interact and communicate with others. They include verbal and non-verbal communication, such as speech, gesture, facial expression and body language. A person has strong social skills if they have the knowledge of how to behave in social situations and understand both written and implied rules when communicating with others.Social skills are vital in enabling an individual to have and maintain positive interactions with others. Many of these skills are crucial in making and sustaining friendships. Social interactions do not always run smoothly and an individual need to be able to implement appropriate strategies, such as conflict resolution when difficulties in interactions arise.But if your social skills are not so good. you can use a professional guide to improve them!Here it is what you will find inside this book:What are the social skillsWhat is mind control and how does it workHow to stop narcissistEverything you need to know about manipulation...and much more!No matter what sort of challenges you're facing, you'll probably need loads of motivation. So, don't miss this valuable guide to give you a motivation boost! It is an audiobook, easy to take it everywhere and listen to it in every free moment!Just scroll down the page and press the buy button to improve your social skills easily!