Reborn Throne, Angelina J. Steffort
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Reborn Throne

Narrator: James Wolven

Unabridged: 19 hr 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/20/2023


Fighting herself is a battle she cannot win.Gandrett Brayton’s adventure finds its heart-wrenching pinnacle as the forces of Neredyn unite and fates are decided at the brink of the Dragon King’s victory.Gandrett has given everything to save them—her friends, her people, her Mate. But at a high cost that now might make her into the very tool to end them all.Captured by the evil Fae Queen Liri as a vessel for Raynar, Gandrett must draw upon her years of training and discipline in the Order of Vala to stay her hands when she is forced to hurt and torture at the Dragon King’s whims.As they learn about Gandrett’s captivity, Drew and Palvin drum up new allies in a rigorous attempt to free their queen, while in Phornes, Taghi and Mckenzie face the consequences of the prince’s foolish bargain. Struggling to defend the western capital of the shattered kingdom, Brax and Armand must make a tough decision before all of Sives falls under Raynar’s spell. But even with the forces they have gathered, the Human-Fae Alliance might not be enough to save Neredyn.And Nehelon will not rest until he finds his queen—even if the cost may be his own life.Dark clouds draw up on the horizon of Neredyn as the Dragon King summons his monstrous legions to eradicate every last thing standing in his path to victory. And all must fight for a chance at a free Neredyn—for if one of them fails, they will all be doomed.Reborn Throne is the unforgettable finale to Angelina J. Steffort’s bestselling Shattered Kingdom series.In this series:Shattered KingdomWicked CrownShadow RuleLost TowersSecret CourtDark RefugeReborn Throne