Picture This! Imagine That!, Brian Herald
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Picture This! Imagine That!

Author: Brian Herald

Narrator: Susan Spaulding

Unabridged: 4 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/19/2020


Now PICTURE THIS...A giraffe in the street! A school bus in the living room?? Can you even IMAGINE THAT??Nino, a creative and playful boy, has a tough time convincing his sister Tenna about all of the WILD animals he saw during a walk in the woods. So it's a good thing he had his camera with him to take pictures. Looking at Nino's photos, Tenna doesn't quite see exactly what he is describing...until she starts to PLAY along and use her imagination! Is that a rock—or is it a turtle hiding in its shell?In Picture THIS! Imagine THAT!, siblings Nino and Tenna, and their faithful sidekick Puppy Dog, demonstrate a simple example of how easy and entertaining it can be to use your imagination to play. This story offers a fun reminder to play, be creative, and use your imagination. If your child enjoys stories that capture their imagination and inspire their creativity, then they will LOVE reading this story with you!Join the adventure and take home Picture THIS! Imagine THAT! for your child today!P.S. Puppy Dog gives it TWO PAWS UP!More about this story...So it turns out that kids love to play...who knew??It's easy to forget how important it is for kids to just play. The hours in the day seem to disappear like a magic wand has waved over the clock. Days filled with making meals, picking up socks, brushing teeth, and all sorts of little activities that help those precious hours vanish. POOF!How often do you engage your kid's imagination?How often do you stop and just play along?Play is fun, and it's educational. It's a chance for kids to explore their imagination, interact with different people, in new places, and express their own creativity.