Persuasion 3 Manuscripts  Persuasio..., Ryan James
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Persuasion: 3 Manuscripts - Persuasion Definitive Guide, Persuasion Mastery, Persuasion Complete Step by Step Guide (Persuasion Series)

Author: Ryan James

Narrator: Miguel Rodriguez

Unabridged: 3 hr 51 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/27/2020


The Persuasion Series: Three Books in OneDo you want to know exactly how to get the upper hand in conversations, debates, and negotiations? Do you desire the ability to persuade individuals as well as audiences? Persuasion is one of the most important skills to acquire and it is all around us. You are affected by it every day. Simple choices like the colors of a company logo influence the way you think. You may already practice persuasion without even realizing it.This book contains all three books on persuasion, written by Ryan James. Many proven persuasion methods have been collected and placed in the pages of this book. As you read this book, you will learn to master the art of persuasion. Things you will learn include:• Understanding exactly what subliminal persuasion, mind control and NLP are• Why these skills can benefit you• Why each of these qualities must be balanced in order to succeed• How you can effortlessly balance them in any conversation• Comprehensive steps to learning these skills and how you can practice them• Real examples of how you can use each of these strategies in actual conversation• What you should do if you feel you are not achieving your desired results, or if you feel that your practice is not being as effective as it has the potential to beYou have the natural ability to persuade others. Using your natural talent, you can persuade others to agree with you, and even make them alter their own opinions to align with yours, further increasing your success in designing your dream life right now. Through this book, you will learn to understand exactly how you can practice these techniques in your everyday life, making it easy for you to overcome obstacles and achieve the results you are seeking.Grab your copy and start mastering the skill of persuasion today.