Personalities, Angela Wayning
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How Personality Types and Intelligence Affect One Another

Unabridged: 8 hr 38 min

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Published: 11/29/2020


This bundle consists of interrelated books about the following fascinating topics:Book 1: People have been using the term “gifted” in different ways, and it’s important to know what the differences are of those terms. You will learn more about those terms and their meanings.Book 2: Gifted children are typically a bit more advanced in their thinking, but they still need to be taught how to apply that intelligence towards practical goals. This is where problem-solving skills come in.Book 3: In this brief guide to giftedness, we will assess and critically examine the results of IQ-tests and their significance. We will also look at the homework problems many gifted children face, with their particular set of grey matter, and why schools often fail to meet the needs of those same children, because let’s face it:Book 4: Who are you? No, not your profession or your sexiness, but your personality!Although we can all learn to behave a certain way, everyone has a certain tendency and energy about them. Everyone has a different personality type. But how do you find out your type?Book 5: Some people get older and never grow up. Others are very mature for their age. How can you determine when someone is really emotionally mature?Book 6: Many people have tried to do so, and few understand the real secret. Emotionally intelligent people go through life much happier. They understand how to react, and they have more control. Thus, it’s essential to your cerebral development to have some degree of comprehension of this principle.Book 7: You may have heard of emotional intelligence. You may have even learned a little bit about it. This audiobook, however, can take you to the next level of understanding what to do with the neural processes in your brain.