Manipulation, Marcus Smith
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Body Language, Dark Psychology: Learning Everything About Mind Control, Persuasion, How to Manage Your Emotions and Influence People.

Author: Marcus Smith

Narrator: A'alia Zealous

Unabridged: 10 hr 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 05/03/2021


Unlock the Secrets of Manipulation and Become a Master of Body Language, Mind Control, and NLP!Do you want to gain an advantage in your communications with others?Wherever we look, there’s some kind of mind manipulation going on. We can be subjected to it, or we can take the reins and learn the secrets behind mind control. Knowing how to read body language or use NLP to persuade and encourage your colleagues, bosses, or partners, will give you an edge in communication. It will make you appear more confident and help you achieve your goals faster!This book will teach you:Mind manipulation techniques used by marketing mastersThe best strategies to use NLP and succeed in any actionHow to predict people’s behavior and influence their decisionsAND SO MUCH MORE!While mind control may seem abstract, it’s a skill you can acquire and practice. When used for good, manipulation helps us and the world move faster!Ready to be a Master Manipulator?