Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
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Jane Eyre

Unabridged: 2 hr 5 min

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Published: 01/01/1984


CART's faithful adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's novel follows young orphan Jane Eyre searching for acceptance and love from an aunt who resents and tortures her before sending her to Lowood School. There, after many trials, she learns to become an accomplished young woman. She plans to be a governess and advertises in a country newspaper, leading to a job as a teacher to a French orphan. In this position, she meets Mr. Rochester, beginning a love story, filled with passion and anguish. STARRING: SAMANTHA EGGAR as Jane Eyre, MICHAEL YORK as Edward Rochester, BEVERLY GARLAND as Mrs. Reed, HELENA CARROLL as Mrs. Fairfax, IAN AMBERCROMBE as Mr. Brocklehurst, LINDA HENNING as Young Jane Eyre, CAITLIN SHANNON as Helen Burns, AMELIA WHITE as Bessie and The Cumberlin Girl, FRANCISCA BEACH as Ms. Abbott and Ms. Miller, MARTY MAGUIRE as Young John Reed and Mr. Mason, THOMAS MacGREEVY as The Apothecary, The Priest and The Butler; SEAN McCLORY as Colonel Den; AND CART's Announcer, JOHN HARLAN.