Iktomi and the fawn, unknown
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Iktomi and the fawn

Author: unknown

Unabridged: 13 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/17/2015


Indian fairy tales are full of allegory and wisdom, a triumph of the truth above lies, tricks over insidiousness, savvy and patience. During wandering through the forest Iktomi saw a bird which was sitting at the top of a tree. The bird was beautiful and its tale was bright and colored in all beautiful colors of the rainbow. Iktomi was amazed by this beautiful bird and followed it. Iktomi thought that he wanted to be beautiful as that bird too. And the peacock said to Iktomi that it had a magic power - "My touch will change you into the most beautiful peacock but there is one condition". Iktomi was happy and told that he could keep any conditions if the bird wanted. He was tired of being ugly, of being himself. After that the peacock whispered, "Are you willing to keep one condition, though hard it is?" Iktomi said with impatience that he would keep ten conditions. When the bird heard these words it immediately touched Iktomi. Iktomi vanished at the touch. He turned into the peacock.