I Cant Hear God Anymore, Wendy J. Duncan
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I Can't Hear God Anymore
Life in a Dallas Cult

Narrator: Cindy Telisak

Unabridged: 7 hr 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/27/2021

Category: Religion


Imagine a place where you are accepted and loved, where there is complete honesty and transparency, where you can totally be yourself and no longer have to strive to be someone else. Envision a safe haven where you could live in perfect peace and have everything you needed and wanted. That was the dream—the hope—that Trinity Foundation offered and that we naively believed. We longed for shelter from the fast-paced lifestyle that surrounded us; we yearned for a harbor of refuge from the stressful concerns of life. We had a vision of living in a community of people who aspired to be like Jesus and to live like the first-century Christians. For those of us who became a part of the group, there was also an intense hunger for spiritual guidance and religious truth, a hunger that was easily exploited.For a brief time in our lives, we believed that we had found true community. We believed that we had found a special group of believers whose only desire in life was to become more and more like Christ. We believed that we were a people with a unique purpose in the kingdom of God and that we were a part of the glorious mystery of God. It was as though we had found a cocoon that would keep us safe from the world, a cocoon that would protect us from the afflictions of life. Not until years later did we come to know that a cocoon is something you are supposed to break out of.I Can’t Hear God Anymore is an inspiring and instructive example of how normal people caught in the skillful manipulations of an abusive cult can find their way back to spiritual and psychological health.