HennyPenny, unknown
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Author: unknown

Unabridged: 4 min

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Published: 01/11/2015


Fairytale is a mirror and the soul of the nation reflects in it. Reading the tales of different nations you begin to understand what they think about life, truth and justice. Henny Penny (known in the United States as Chicken Little or Chicken Licken), is a cumulative folk tale about a chicken who decided that the world is ending when the acorn felt on its head. The phrase"The sky is falling!" is concerned inthe English language as a widely used idiom with the meaning of a mistaken belief that misfortune will happen. When an acorn dropped on the chicken’s head, she decided that she must inform the king about the end of the world. On the way various domestic animals join to her. At last they met the fox, who offers to show a short way to the royal palace and ask to follow her into the dark hole. Will any animal survive after such help?