Healing Your Inner Child, Monique Joiner Siedlak
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Healing Your Inner Child
A Guide Into Shadow Work

Narrator: Chaleeya Yeh

Unabridged: 2 hr 39 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 10/19/2021

Includes: Bonus Material Bonus Material Included


Has shadow work always intrigued you?Are you tired of repeating the same old negative habits, patterns, and cycles?Would you like to reconnect with your inner child and become the best version of yourself?Discover the secret to shadow work success! No more failed attempts at healing your shadow with this fool-proof guide.This book will accompany you on your journey towards self-discovery and show you how shadow work can change your life forever. Packed with shadow work exercises and encouraging language, this easy-to-understand guide will teach you how to cultivate the self-love you need for effective shadow work. You will be guided gently through the process of identifying and embracing your shadow self while reaching a new level of self-awareness.Learn how to:Unveil your shadow selfConnect with your inner childIdentify and resolve repressed emotionsReprogram your unconscious mindDiscover unconscious gifts and talentsHeal your inner traumaAnd much, much more!If you’re confused by conflicting and misleading information on shadow work, then this is the book for you, my friend. Gain the clarity you need to heal your inner child and integrate your shadow self into the light, without unnecessary pain and suffering.The map to your best self is hidden inside these pages!