DECIDE and SOLVE, Stephany K. Thomann
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Narrator: Tatjana Bluemler

Unabridged: 3 hr 53 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/06/2023


Are you overwhelmed with a never-ending parade of choices? Still can’t catch the moment when it is time to decide, and what to decide? Still, waiting for the problem to “solve itself”?The choices you make now in your teenage years are the building blocks on your path to maturity. In adulthood, each day brings new challenges, new problems that need to be solved, and new decisions that need to be made. So how can you ensure now that you’re making the right steps to prepare yourself for the future?Decide and Solve will help you to face your choices head-on, and make decisions with confidence. Inside, you will discover:The difference between decision-making and problem-solving – and the psychology behind them.The process of decision-making and problem-solving – and how to put it to use.How to ensure your decisions today will reflect positively on your future.How to keep an open mind and be bold when it's needed.How decision-making and problem-solving skills are connected to self-confidence, happiness and success.You will come to understand why the adolescent brain approaches decisions differently from adults.You will be empowered to deal with outside pressure to ensure your decisions are your own, and not based on someone else’s words or actions.You will know what to do when your family and friends don’t support the choices you make.And much more!Note for adults:If you are looking for advice to help your fast-growing kid to be more confident and independent, this easy-to-read and down-to-earth guide for teens and young adults contains many ideas. It is a life instruction manual for making rational choices. As a parent, you will also find this an interesting read, helping you to grasp decision-making for teenagers, and also to assist in your own problem-solving.