Buddhism A Practical Introduction fo..., Adam Brown
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Buddhism: A Practical Introduction for Beginners to Tibetan Zen Buddhist Mantra and A Guide to Theravada Meditation

Author: Adam Brown

Narrator: Matt Montanez

Unabridged: 58 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/03/2018


"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again." - Buddha Milli?n? of ????l? f?ll?w Buddhi?t ?tudi?? but th?r? ?r? ?till m?n? ????l? in th? Western ?ultur? th?t are unf?mili?r with Buddhi?m. It i? a r?ligi?n th?t dates b??k th?u??nd? ?f ???r? ?nd h?? helped m?n? people overcome their ?uff?ring and has taught ??untl??? others h?w t? h?l? ?nd th? suffering of their fellow m?n. This religion ??n seem diffi?ult to und?r?t?nd wh?n ??u fir?t b?gin but if ??u t?k? th? tim? t? learn the basic t?n?nt?, th?n ??u ??n find your own h???in??? ?nd ??n?? ?f ??lf-fulfillm?nt th?t many mi?? in lif?. This book will be the start of your journey!