Boxset of Five Chapter Books, Gita V. Reddy
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Boxset of Five Chapter Books
For ages 7-12

Author: Gita V. Reddy

Series: Boxsets #1

Narrator: Susie Hackel

Unabridged: 3 hr 28 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Gita V. Reddy

Published: 05/24/2023


MAKE A WISH (A Modern Fairy-tale)The fairy grants Niki a wish. But Niki can't think of anything she wants until her friend's family is in trouble. Will the fairy come in time to help them? And can she take on the dangerous men who will stop at nothing? THE MISSING GIRL (General Fiction)After a game of hide and seek with her brother and friends, Sneha goes missing. The presence of a strange car points to kidnap. The police are called in. But Sneha is not kidnapped. She is in the midst of an adventure, an adventure of a different kind.THE BOY WHO WAS LEFT BEHIND (Family Life)Vimal lives with his grandmother. His parents who are NRIs - non-resident Indians – leave him with his grandmother when he is two. Vimal grows up in Jaipur, happy and secure in the loving care of his grandmother. His parents are a blurred memory made up from short visits. When Vimal is eight, a phone call in the night turns his world topsy-turvy. His grandmother leaves him with relatives and goes to London.Once again, Vimal is left behind – this time with a secret that is too big for a young boy.KNIFE AND FORK (A Modern Fable)Bholu, a monkey, comes to the city looking for adventure. In a short time he learns city ways and when he returns to the forest, he continues with them until he learns that:“Monkey ways are right for monkeys just as human ways are right for human beings.”“Food and fun are meant to be shared with friends.”“Losing friends is easy, winning them back is not."THE FORBIDDEN FOREST (Adventure/Mystery)On some nights, cries of cheetahs and leopards come from the forest. Naturally, people are afraid to enter it. Why are wild animals moving from the dense jungle across the hills to the sparse forest? Has it anything to do with the factory that looks to be shut down but secretly operates?Abhi and his cousins find out.