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Organic Jesus

#Organic Jesus

by Scott Douglas

A witty, sincere look at modern Christianity. American Christians are constantly bombarded by images and messages that claim to represent true Christianity. But learning how to argue against the latest liberal transgression, embracing the current Chri...

Narrator: Brandon Batchelar
Published: 12/06/2016
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The Sales Process

The Sales Process

by Bryan Flanagan

div {text-align: justify; text-justify: } Selling at the most simple level is a communications process.  The beauty of a process is that it can be learned and anyone can follow the process.  What do sales professionals fr...

Narrator: Bryan Flanagan
Published: 11/10/2010
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Without Due Process

Without Due Process

by J.A. Jance

Five year-old Junior Weston was hiding in a closet the night his entire family was brutally slaughtered. He glimpsed the killer's face, and now the little boy's life is on the line. The only one who can help him is detective J.P. Beaumont, but even Be...

J.P Beaumont #10
Narrator: Gene Engene
Published: 05/15/2004
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Reverse the Aging Process

Reverse the Aging Process

by Gary Null

The premier voice of natural wellness presents a new guide to staying healthier longer. Null explores a subject which is becoming a major concern--antioxidants vs. free radicals. After discussing the role of antioxidants in improved immune system func...

Narrator: Gary Null
Published: 08/06/2013
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Beyond the Sales Process

Beyond the Sales Process

by Steve Andersen

The average executive spends less than 5 percent of their time engaged in the buying of products and services. This means that in this post-recession business environment, sales professionals who focus solely on the moment of the sale have made a fata...

Narrator: Jeff Cummings
Published: 04/04/2016
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The Writers Process

The Writer's Process

by Anne Janzer

No matter how proficient or prolific they are, writers always want more: more ideas, more output, more "flow" when working. This book is about finding your own path to a better writing process. "Research-based, hands-on, step-by-step wisdom that can...

Narrator: Anne Janzer
Published: 03/14/2017
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A Murderous Procession

A Murderous Procession

by Ariana Franklin

National best-selling author Ariana Franklin resumes her Mistress of the Art of Death series with A Murderous Procession. In 1176, King Henry II’s daughter is set to marry the king of Sicily. But when several wedding guests are murdered during ...

The Mistress of the Art of Death series #4
Narrator: Jill Tanner
Published: 05/20/2010
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The Austrian Case for the Free Market Process

The Austrian Case for the Free Ma...

by Dr. William Peterson

Ludwig von Mises (18811973) and Friedrich Hayek (born 1899) were perhaps the foremost defenders of the free market and limited government during the midtwentieth century ascendancy of Keynesian economics. Mises highlighted the problem of economic cal...

The Great Economic Thinkers Series
Narrator: Louis Rukeyser
Published: 03/13/2006
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The Agile MindSet Making Agile Processes Work

The Agile Mind-Set: Making Agile ...

by Gil Broza

Are you frustrated or disenchanted by the results of your Agile approach? Does Agile sound like a good idea, but you're not sure how to explain it beyond roles, practices, and meetings? Is your team going through the motions, but it's still business a...

Narrator: Mark Schectman
Published: 01/31/2017
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The Remembering Process

The Remembering Process

by Daniel Barrett

Personal problems? World problems? Healing issues? Creativity challenges? They can all be resolved with a fun new method called "remembering." The Remembering Process reveals a breakthrough creativity technique that anyone can use to easily create, pr...

Narrator: Authors
Published: 05/01/2014
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The Power of Business Process Improvement

The Power of Business Process Imp...

by Susan Page

Regardless of how well or poorly your business operates, there isn't a single component of it that can't be improved upon-right now. The Business Process Improvement (BPI) method is a set of direct strategies for identifying and eliminating redundanci...

Narrator: Karen Saltus
Published: 11/01/2015
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HIRE  The Complete Hiring Process for Real Estate Agents

HIRE : The Complete Hiring Proces...

by Brian Icenhower

Hire the right person for the job, and they will make you money, ease your life, and eliminate the need to rehire another person for the same job. Hire the wrong person, and they will not only cost you time, money, and well-being, but you will have to...

Narrator: Ed Nash
Published: 05/30/2018
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The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process

The Revolutionary Trauma Release ...

by PhD Berceli

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process shows, in simple language, the effects that stress, anxiety, and trauma have on our mental wellbeing and our physical health. We discover that trauma is par for the course in any life, but that even the most da...

Narrator: Paul Brion
Published: 09/11/2018
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Bright Kids Who Cant Keep Up Help Your Child Overcome Slow Processing Speed and Succeed in a FastPaced World

Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up: He...

by Ellen Braaten PhD

Do you find yourself constantly asking your child to "pick up the pace"? Does he or she seem to take longer than others to get stuff done--whether completing homework, responding when spoken to, or getting dressed and ready in the morning? Drs. Ellen ...

Narrator: Lisa Cordileone
Published: 09/24/2015
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TAP TO UNLOCK Talent Awakening Process For Unlocking Human Potential

TAP TO UNLOCK: Talent Awakening P...

by Percival Hurditt

WHAT IS YOUR TALENT? Have you discovered it? Maybe it’s more than one. But have you mastered all of your talents and abilities? Some are definitely more developed than others. Can you recognize them? Can you prioritize them? In addition, do you...

Narrator: Dalan Decker
Published: 07/11/2017
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