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Dear America

Dear America

by Jose Antonio Vargas

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, called “the most famous undocumented immigrant in America,” tackles one of the defining issues of our time in this explosive and deeply personal call to arms.“This is not a book ...

Narrator: Jose Antonio Varga...
Published: 09/18/2018
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Dear American Airlines

Dear American Airlines

by Jonathan Miles

Bennie Ford, a fiftythreeyearold failed poet turned translator, is traveling to his estranged daughters wedding when his flight is cancelled. Stuck with thousands of fuming passengers in the purgatory of OHare airport, he watches the clock tick and re...

Narrator: Mark Bramhall
Published: 06/05/2008
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Dear America Cannons at Dawn

Dear America: Cannons at Dawn

by Kristiana Gregory

We join Abigail Stewart half a year after The Winter of Red Snow ended, in January of 1779. Her father has enlisted in the Continental Army, and when a devastating fire destroys Abby's home, she, her mother, and siblings must make their way to Philade...

Narrator: Ilyana Kadushin
Published: 05/01/2011
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Dear America Like the Willow Tree

Dear America: Like the Willow Tre...

by Lois Lowry

My name is Lydia. This is my story. . . .In 1918, as the Great War rages in Europe, the Spanish influenza tears a brutal path across the United States, leaving devastation in its wake. Suddenly, eleven year- old Lydia Pierce and her older brother, Dan...

Narrator: Sara Barnett
Published: 01/01/2011
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Dear America The Fences Between Us

Dear America: The Fences Between ...

by Kirby Larson

With this sweeping tale of life on the World War II homefront, Newbery Honor author Kirby Larson brings her incredible talent to the Dear America series. When Pearl Harbor is attacked, America is finally unable to ignore the wars raging in Europe and ...

Narrator: Elaina Erika Davis...
Published: 09/01/2010
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Dear America With the Might of Angels

Dear America: With the Might of A...

by Andrea Davis Pinkney

In the fall of 1955, twelve-year-old Dawn Rae Johnson learns she will be the only one of her friends attending a previously all-white school. However, not everyone supports integration and Dawnie must endure the realities of racism firsthand. In time,...

Narrator: Channie Waites
Published: 09/01/2011
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Dear America Behind the Masks LibraryDD Only

Dear America: Behind the Masks (L...

by Susan Patron

Angeline Reddy is the daughter of a famous lawyer, but she's no stranger to rule-breaking. Growing up in the wild gold-mining town of Bodie, California, in the 1880s, Angeline has seen it all -- saloons, brawls, dance halls, and a whole lot of despera...

Narrator: Cassandra Campbell...
Published: 01/01/2012
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