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Men, Love & Sex The Complete User's Guide for Women, Ted Spiker

Men, Love & Sex

by Ted Spiker

List: $13.99

Sale: $9.80

Club: $6.99

Unabridged: 5 hr 1 min
Narrator: Stephen Hoye
Published: 11/15/2006
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What to Eat When A Strategic Plan to Improve Your Health and Life through Food, Michael F. Roizen, MD

What to Eat When

by Michael F. Roizen, MD

List: $19.95

Sale: $13.97

Club: $9.97

Unabridged: 7 hr 2 min
Narrator: Lloyd James
Published: 02/05/2019
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Down Size 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration into Pants-Fitting Success, Ted Spiker

Down Size

by Ted Spiker

List: $17.99

Sale: $12.59

Club: $8.99

Unabridged: 8 hr 22 min
Narrator: Eric Michael Summe...
Published: 10/16/2014
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AgeProof Living Longer Without  Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip, Jean Chatzky


by Jean Chatzky

List: $24.98

Sale: $17.49

Club: $12.49

Unabridged: 12 hr 27 min
Narrator: Mehmet C. Oz
Published: 02/28/2017