Witchcraft Works, Lisa Buckland
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Witchcraft Works
Witchcraft and Magic For Beginners

Author: Lisa Buckland

Narrator: Gretchen LaBuhn

Unabridged: 57 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/11/2021

Category: Religion - Wicca


Witchcraft Works: Witchcraft and Magic For Beginners (Wicca)W?t?h?r?ft ?? ??m?th?ng that ??nt?nu?? to dazzle ?nd confuse m??t ????l? ?n th? present d??, ?v?n th?ugh ?t h?? b??n around fr?m th? beginning ?f time. In ?dd?t??n, ?t is ?r?b?bl? ?t? elusiveness ?nd m??t?r? th?t draws so much ?ur????t?. If ?n? w?? ??k?d to d?f?n? w?t?h?r?ft in ??m?l? t?rm?, ?t ??uld be called th? ?ll?g?d u?? ?f magical powers, or a link t? the ?u??rn?tur?l. H?w?v?r,?v?n a definition as such would l??v? many questions un?n?w?r?d.CHAPTER 1: WHAT IS WITCHCRAFT?HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFTIS WITCHCRAFT RIGHT FOR ME?DOES WITCHCRAFT REALLY WORK?CHAPTER 2: WHAT IS MAGIC?HOW DOES MAGIC WORK?HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR MAGIC SPIRIT?CHAPTER 3: HOW TO USE WITCHCRAFT?HOW TO LEARN WITCHCRAFT ON YOUR OWNWITCHCRAFT IS A PERSONAL PATHHOW TO MAKE MAGIC SPELLS LAST FOREVER?CHAPTER 4: GODS AND GODDESSESCHAPTER 5: WHAT IS SACRED SPACE?CHAPTER 6: THE CONNECTION WITH UNIVERSE AND NATURETHE EXPERIENCE OF GOD