Weight Loss Diets, John Cook
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Weight Loss Diets
Pescatarian Diet, Glutenfree Diet, Clean Eating, and Carb Cycling

Unabridged: 3 hr 20 min

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Published: 07/26/2019


Book 1: Carb Cycling - Many people have wondered about the significance of carb cycling. They cut down on their carbohydrates like crazy. And for some, it shows that it works. Others, however, struggle to figure out which way to do it. Some almost starve themselves to death, while others give up and figure that "your body needs carbs anyway", which is true, by the way. But is there a way to use a carb cycling system to benefit you? The answer is yes! In this audiobook, there will be an explanation as to how and why. Book 2: Glutenfree Diet for Beginners - It has been all over the Internet and the media, and everyone is talking about it: Living gluten free. What are the benefits? Why are some people doing this? Is it really necessary? What are the effects? This book answers all these questions.Book 3: Clean Eating Cookbook - With all the complicated or over-simplified diets on the rise, and the increase of diseases related to obesity and nutritional deficits, it can be healthy to go back to the basics: Clean eating, which means that you skip the trans-fats and other processed foods and stay clean, relying on vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and other natural foods.Book 4: Pescatarian Cookbook - The pescatarian diet has become more popular, but ironically enough, there are only a limited number of people who see the value in it. Maybe they are just ignorant, but you know better! Pescatarian simply means vegetarian plus fish, and since fish is extremely healthy, why not? Fish and veggies are nutritious, safe, and have helped numerous people lose weight. In this cookbook, you will find a brief explanation of the diet, and then you can feast your eyes on 48 delicious, finger-licking recipes without using meat but with fish.