Trouble with TattleTails, Jonathan Auxier
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Trouble with Tattle-Tails

Unabridged: 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/29/2021


Auggie and his magical companions are tending to the Fabled Stables when the building shakes and shudders to make room for a new arrival: the Tattle-Tail. Auggie and friends travel through the portal to a town called Rainbows End in search of this mysterious creature. Auggie assumes that the Tattle-Tail is in danger, but he learns that its actually the town that needs rescuing...from an infestation of Tattle-Tails!These talking tails have taken over, attaching themselves to every backside in town (including Auggies!). The Tails tattle on whomever theyre attached to: She picked her nose! He just double-dipped! The constant stress of being tattled on has thrown all of Rainbows End into chaos!Soon, Auggie and friends hatch a plan to collect the Tattle-Tails and bring them safely to the Stablesfoiling a pair of evil bank robbers along the way.