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Healing your Heart and Redescovering Your True Self After Emotional Abuse-EXTENDED EDITION



Unabridged: 3 hr 15 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: AMANDA HOPE

Published: 06/05/2021


How do you get out of a toxic relationship? How can you be free of its painful, traumatic shadow? When is enough going to be enough?Moving on, much less breaking free from a toxic relationship, can be challenging and complicated. However, there’s going to be some point in time that you need to realize if you are in a toxic relationship, get out of it, move on, and heal. People usually seek health professionals’ help to deal with painful and traumatic relationships. Still, there are other ways to do so, such as finding excellent books to read on the subject, just like TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.This book is about fixing the broken within you and finding yourself again, even after an emotionally abusive relationship. The author fully covers all there is to know about toxic relationships. From domineering partners, jealous ones, cheating ones, insecure, abusive, too difficult ones, alcoholic and narcissistic ones, and more, knowing these types is vital. Identifying these types of people and understanding your role in this toxic relationship is the first step is to differentiate a bad connection from a good one.Reading through tackles subjects on:Understanding why people choose the same dilemma time and againToxic partner types one must avoid at all timesPhases of grief as well as toxicityRelationship detox as a necessityEnding a toxic relationship in many waysCommunication and its importanceImprove communication skills in 10 waysAside from those mentioned above, this book also features techniques for better managing love, family, and friendship. Read it today so you can start healing, developing a new version of yourself – more positive and confident!What are you waiting for? Click to "Buy Now" and start your Healing Journey!