Third Eye Awakening Discover How To ..., Athena Frazier
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Third Eye Awakening: Discover How To Open Your Third Eye Chakra, Sharpen Mind Power And Psychic Abilities And Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment With Mindfulness Meditation

Unabridged: 2 hr 34 min

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Published: 10/28/2020


Did you know that we all have a third eye? Are you aware of its huge potentials? If you would like to learn more, then keep listening.The Third Eye is a trainable chakra that can allow individuals to tap into cognitive functions that can supersede ordinary logic. What is the significance or importance of opening our Third Eye chakra? Most people may not believe in the third eye, but it is very important you learn how to take the right steps towards honing the powers of your Third Eye, as this can open the door to a new world of spiritual possibilities. This audio book will help you toward being able to open the Third Eye and understand its significance. So, if you're wondering what lies beyond your cognition, if you want to improve your intuition and tap into reason greater than logic, and if you want to see the world through new perspectives, then come along as you will be guided on this journey through the wonderful, peculiar, and dazzling world beyond the gateway of consciousness.More in details, you will learn about:• The fundamental truths of the Third Eye chakra• The advantages of an awakened Third Eye• How to know if your Third Eye is blocked• Methods for chakra healing• Steps to heal your Third Eye chakra• Tools and resources for healing the Third Eye• And much, more!What are you waiting for? Discover the ancient knowledge of Third Eye Awakening and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit. Buy the audio book now!NOTE: Included are also the first two chapters of the audio book "Chakras for Beginners" by Athena Frazier!