The Wrestler, Bianca Laveau
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The Wrestler

Author: Bianca Laveau

Unabridged: 5 hr 1 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/30/2022


Sometimes the hardest thing in life is deciding to choose love over fear. When Sienna and Dean meet, sparks fly. The connection is so natural and deep, it shocks them both in ways they never imagined possible. The only problem comes when the trials of their past begin to wreak havoc on the possibility of their future together. Sienna, slowly overcoming being broken by her ex, knows all too well that it's not a smart decision to have her feelings caught up with a man like Dean. He's the ultimate bad boy, who not only has a past of his own, but he buries the trauma surrounding it all by spending his time fighting as a professional wrestler or drowning his sorrows by spending drunken nights at the bar. He's as noncommittal as they come and the red flags are unavoidably obvious for her to see. But Sienna isn't the only one trying to avoid disaster. Dean smells trouble in the air as soon as Sienna enters the picture. Of all the things he told himself was too risky for him to do, falling for her is the riskiest of them all. Unfortunately, when he realizes what is happening, he's already in too deep. Things become too intense and hard decisions have to be made. Will Dean choose love over his need to push any and everyone who shows him love away? Will Sienna end up falling for a bad boy when her instincts are telling her she is making the same mistake all over again? In this story of love versus circumstances, the presence of unexpected love will either give Dean and Sienna everything they didn’t know they needed, or it'll destroy what they are building for good.