The Union Signal Radio Theater Collec..., Doug Bost Jeff Ward Anthony Ellis
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The Union Signal Radio Theater Collection

Narrator: Joe Bevilacqua

Unabridged: 4 hr 45 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 12/15/2015


From their ruined garage, Jeff Ward and Doug Bost have been producing award-winning short radio plays that have been featured on National Public Radio, Pacifica Radio, and Bavarian State Radio, as well as on local public radio stations across the country. The Union Signal Radio Theater Collection features ten of Jeff and Dougs best productions: Dead Mans Hole Two fraternity pledges must spend a night on the Maine coast and enter Thunder Hole at dawnbut theyre not alone. The Toad Retribution springs from the marshes in this thrilling adventure in the annals of Clovis DeWitt, a.k.a. the Toad. December 17 When one day doesnt follow the next, Mike realizes hes not traveling through time anymoretime is traveling through him. Georgia and the Bad Idea Georgia finds some new friends to trick-or-treat with on Halloween, but their scary costumes might be real. The Dan The story of a young man whos way, way too obsessed with Steely Dan Roadkill A driver picks up a hitchhiker on a dark stretch of highway in the Badlands, beginning a cat-and-mouse game to reveal the identity of an escaped killer. Dorcus This public radio speculation profiles a young surgeon who makes a giant difference for her tiny patients. October Surprise This public radio speculation is ideal for Halloweenthe tale of a murderer whose career in mayhem cant be stopped, even by his own death. Mallets Aforethought A pair of aging croquet champions finally meet their match at a high-stakes tournament on the Maine coast. A Study in Wax Two men at an arctic station find out how deadly it can be to listen to somebody elses music all winter long. Plus, theres a bonus track in which Joe Bevilacqua talks with Doug Bost and Jeff Ward about their work on the Joe Bev Experience.