The Tree of Life, Elisa Boxer
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The Tree of Life
How a Holocaust Sapling Inspired the World

Author: Elisa Boxer

Narrator: Elisa Boxer

Unabridged: 10 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 01/16/2024


Hope triumphs over fear in this poignant and impactful true story of the Holocaust—a delicate introduction to World War Two history for older audioook listeners.

During World War Two, in the concentration camp Terezin, a group of Jewish children and their devoted teacher planted and nurtured a smuggled-in sapling. Over time fewer and fewer children were left to care for the little tree, but those who remained kept lovingly sharing their water with it. When the war finally ended and the prisoners were freed, the sapling had grown into a strong five-foot-tall maple.

Nearly eighty years later the tree’s 600 descendants around the world are thriving . . . including one that was planted at New York City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage in 2021. Students will continue to care for it for generations to come, and the world will remember the brave teacher and children who never gave up nurturing a brighter future.