The Songwriting Magic Formula, Paul Wright
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The Songwriting Magic Formula
The shortcut to melody creation - Learn how to create HIT vocal melodies with the backing chords at the same time. Instantly on command

Author: Paul Wright

Narrator: Gary Middleton

Unabridged: 1 hr 29 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Paul Wright

Published: 04/12/2022


The Songwriting Magic FormulaThe shortcut to melody creationThe songwriting tips and tricks no one ever told you about.Instantly compose HIT vocal melodies with the backing chords at the same time.This audio book dispels the myths of songwriting and destroys the negatives that hold songwriters backand ends songwriters block in melody.Short extract from bookLet’s get rid of a few myths. There’s no set way to create a melody.This is True and at the same time Not true. But only in the minds of those people that know everything ?Pupil says to mentor, “I know you’re going to teach me how to write better songs, but how do I come up with the actual melody?”The mentor turns to the pupil and says. “Well, that’s the million dollar question. I wish I could just say, ‘sit there with your guitar do this, and out will pop a melody’. But unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a magic formula”.This isn’t true. Let’s blow the other myth out of the water. The one where they say composing cannot be taught. Well, I’ve just learned you how to create 2 HIT vocal melodies in examples 1 and 2 another vocal melody in less than 15 seconds in example three and 2 more in the challenge. Usually it only takes a few seconds to hear the new melody being born. Now you can teach your friends and family how to compose a melody in less than 10 minutes. Even if they’ve never composed a melody before. And not just any melodies but catchy hit melodies.