The Secret to your Surrender, Adele Clee
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The Secret to your Surrender

Author: Adele Clee

Narrator: Liisa Ivary

Unabridged: 7 hr 19 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Adele Clee

Published: 11/21/2016


All he wanted was to safeguard his secret.Having spent years living in the shadow of his brother’s scandalous reputation, Anthony Dempsey fought hard to regain the credibility of his family name. His unwavering sense of duty is renowned and admired. But then tragedy strikes. Threatened with ruination, he withdraws from society to hide his secret and protect all those close to him.How ironic that he should finally meet a woman who captures more than his interest. Indeed, Sarah Roxbury is a dazzling beauty who ignites the flame of passion in his heart, awakens a craving deep in his core.But how can he think of love? How can he commit to anyone when the truth is sure to bring nothing but devastation and despair?All she wanted was his surrender.Despite much praise for her beauty and alluring countenance, there was only one gentleman who'd captured Sarah Roxbury's heart. But Anthony Dempsey was an enigma. He was charming, intelligent, interested in more than her beguiling smile. Then as quick as the wind could blow out a candle, he appeared cold and indifferent.What was he hiding? Why did he prove to be a constant disappointment? Desperate to uncover the reason behind his mysterious behaviour, Sarah discovers there is more at risk than a broken heart.