The Secret of Chimneys, Agatha Christie
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The Secret of Chimneys

Narrator: Dan Lee

Unabridged: 7 hr 36 min

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Published: 01/18/2022


"Political intrigue, lost treasures, and a deadly dinner party – The Secret of Chimneys has all the essentials of a classic murder mystery tale, from the master of the genre, Agatha Christie.Anthony Cade thinks he is signing up for an innocuous task – to deliver his friend’s memoir to a publisher, and to deliver letters to their original sender, Virginia Revel. But what begins as a simple courier task quickly transforms into mystery, as the letters and manuscript are sought after by an international thief. When the thief attempts to blackmail Virginia, he is met with an untimely demise – an event that sets off a string of murders and intrigue as all of the book’s players convene at Chimneys – a grand estate – for a house party. Cade and his companions will have to find the murderer, discover lost treasure at the estate, and somehow navigate the politics of restoring a monarchy in Herzeslovokia to power. Who will survive to tell the story of the fateful dinner party at Chimneys? Will the treasure be found? Who is the rightful heir to the foreign throne? All of these mysteries unravel in thrilling ways that will leave listeners guessing until the last minute.Told with Christie’s signature wit, plot twists, and dynamic characters, The Secret of Chimneys is a complex and thrilling journey that any mystery lover will enjoy. "

Author Bio

What a daunting task to write about the most famous mystery writer, Agatha Christie. She was born in 1890 in England, where she was home schooled by her American father. It was an unusual way to be educated for the times. Her father did not want her to begin learning to read until age eight, but out of boredom, she taught herself to read by age five.

In his research, Curran found a plethora of information about Agatha. He outlines many of those interesting facts. Since there are so many, just a few will be mentioned here. Agatha could have been an excellent performer as a pianist, but she was much too shy to perform. She once had three plays running simultaneously in London. She traveled around the world in 1922, which would have been quite a feat back then. Agatha loved dogs. She has a rose named after her. She never did drink alcohol nor smoked. Her last public appearance was in 1974, at the premier of the movie, Murder on the Orient Express. Agatha Christie's name has appeared every day for 53 years in every newspaper with a West End London theatre listing. Her favorite flower was Lily of the Valley. The information about this illustrious author goes on and on. It is a great asset to readers that author John Curran wrote the definitive book about an iconic author. One other interesting fact was that Agatha met Archie Christie in 1912, married on Christmas Eve 1914, spending their honeymoon at The Grand Hotel in Torquay, but Archie returned to France on Dec 27th due to the War. Agatha and Archie fid not really experience married life until he was posted at the London War Office. Agatha has been quoted as saying only then did she feel that her married life truly began.