The Power of the Kingdom of God, Dr. David K. Ewen
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The Power of the Kingdom of God

Unabridged: 43 min

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Published: 07/31/2023


The kingdom of God possesses an extraordinary and awe-inspiring power. It is a force fueled by divine love, justice, and peace, working tirelessly to bring about a profound transformation in our world. This power becomes accessible to us through the Holy Spirit and is vividly evident in the lives of those who wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ. Unlike a physical realm confined to a specific place, the kingdom of God exists as a spiritual reality. Within its boundaries, God's will, love, and justice reign supreme.This kingdom is not merely an abstract concept, but a present reality that we actively pursue. It is a future ideal that we strive toward, eagerly anticipating its fulfillment. Throughout Jesus' ministry, the power of the kingdom was exemplified through extraordinary miracles. His healing touch restored the sick, his divine authority raised the dead, and his spiritual strength expelled demons. These acts of power showcased the boundless potential of God's kingdom to conquer sickness, evil, and even death itself.Moreover, the lives of Christ's disciples serve as powerful testaments to the kingdom's transformative power. Through their unwavering obedience to God's will, they were able to overcome sin, sickness, and death. Their capacity to love their enemies with selfless compassion demonstrated the true essence of this kingdom's might. The power of the kingdom of God manifests itself through various remarkable aspects. It is rooted in unconditional love, which knows no bounds or limitations. It is fueled by empowering justice, ensuring that fairness and righteousness prevail. And it emanates a prevailing peace, dispelling fear and anxiety from the hearts of those who embrace it. This power is not a distant and intangible concept; it is a tangible reality that is available to us today. All we need to do is place our faith in Jesus Christ and wholeheartedly follow his teachings.