The ManServant Guide to Modern Chival..., Dalal Khajah
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The ManServant Guide to Modern Chivalry
Every Woman's Fantasies for the Men in Her Life

Narrator: Emily Tremaine

Unabridged: 1 hr 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/02/2024


A vibrant and feminist rewrite of the rules of chivalry in the spirit of Porn for Women and Men to Avoid in Art and Life.Tired of bros and do-nothing daddys, sick of misogynistic behavior in the boardroom, and frankly dreading yet another bachelorette party with a stripper, Dalal Khajah and Josephine Wai Lin founded the service company ManServants Inc. What is a ManServant, you ask? The ManServants are “chivalrous gentlemen for nonsexual service,” who treat women like queens for a day. The ManServant Guide to Modern Chivalry is the gift that every woman with a well-intentioned but clueless husband, boyfriend, guy friend, or son should buy for all the women in their life. From doing laundry, carrying shopping bags, cleaning the bathroom, or watching the kids, this book details how men should treat women in the 21st century. Including short essays, tips, and best practices aimed towards helping a budding ManServant please his lady of leisure, this visually intelligent, stylistically bold, and ardently feminist guide is a perfect navigation for men in the post-#MeToo movement world.